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One Shocking Number Proves the Border Crisis is at Catastrophic Levels

One Shocking Number Proves the Border Crisis is at Catastrophic Levels

Illegal immigration into America has gotten out of control.

Arrests at the southern border have reached an all-time high.

However, this latest statistic on illegal immigration proves that the problem is far worse than anyone ever imagined.

A top deportation official told Congress that ICE has released an eye-popping 168,000 illegal aliens into the country in the most current fiscal year.

No matter how much Democrats try to downplay it, nearly 200,000 illegal aliens flooding into the country is undoubtedly a crisis.

The broken immigration system allows illegal aliens to come to a point of entry on the border and claim asylum.

Once they’ve made their claim, they’re allowed a hearing before a court.

However, the asylum case backlog is so stacked, and there are so few beds to house all of these people, border patrol has no legal option but to release them into the country.

Over 90% of asylum cases are bogus, and as a result, 87% of asylum claimants simply refuse to show up for their court date.

Asylum court judges then issue deportation notices in absentia, but immigration enforcement is so overwhelmed, they don’t have the resources to track these people down.

It doesn’t help that many illegal aliens are finding their way to sanctuary cities where the local politicians refuse to cooperate with federal law.

In some instances, the mayor of sanctuary cities are tipping off illegal aliens to ICE raids.

The lawlessness of leftist politicians is out of control.

Perhaps the most disgusting thing about it is their compassion is fake.

They don’t care about the illegal aliens flowing into the country because none of them will be moving into their neighborhoods, or competing for their jobs, or putting downward pressure on their wages.

Their kids, who are invariably in selective private schools, won’t have to be in schools with strained resources because they must provide interpreters for kids who don’t speak English.

These leftists are allowed to virtue signal.

Meanwhile, everyday Americans have to deal with these problems that the Democrats don’t seem to care about.

They’ve rebuffed all efforts by Donald Trump to rectify the situation.

It’s gotten so bad, even the New York Times editorial board believes Democrats need to loosen the purse strings and give Trump the money to, at minimum, provide more accommodations for the illegal aliens placed in holding.

ICE simply does not have the resources, and they’ve even had to quarantine over 2,000 detainees due to infectious disease outbreaks.

This is a massive problem that threatens the equilibrium of various neighborhoods.

If too many people are flowing in at once and not being properly assimilated, conflict will follow.

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That’s why immigration must be legal.

But Democrats prefer the broken system.

In the long run, it supplies them with more voters; first-time immigrant voters pull the lever for the Democrats 80% of the time.

The Democrats are running the perfect scam to grow their voter base, because over time, people get wise to their tactics, even immigrants.

Over time, that 80% figure flattens out to a coin toss.

That’s why the Democrats constantly need new, vulnerable voters.

Don’t get caught flat-footed by all of these terrible policies that are creating crisis.

Make sure you’re protected against any civil unrest that may ensue.

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