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Black Lives Matter Terrorized One Community With A Stunning Attack

Black Lives Matter Terrorized One Community With A Stunning Attack

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter and Antifa continue to rampage through many American cities.

Do-nothing Democrats don’t even want to acknowledge the radicalism of these groups.

Now Black Lives Matter terrorized one community with a stunning attack.

Time and time again Donald Trump has denounced despicable white supremacy groups and the corporate press perpetuates the lie that he refuses to do so.

Even more frustrating is the fact that the Democrats won’t even recognize the existence of left-wing groups like Antifa.

Congressman Jerry Nadler called Antifa a “myth,” and Joe Biden said they were merely an “idea.”

And Black Lives Matter has become a sacred cow on the left.

Democrats don’t want to talk about how the group is fundamentally Marxist and wants to subvert the nuclear family and the American system itself.

Meanwhile, the so-called mainstream media is sticking to the narrative that the BLM riots are “mostly peaceful” despite burning buildings in the background.

Now BLM is escalating their attacks on the American people.

After Wisconsin authorities said there would be no charges against a black police officer in the shooting death of a teenager who fled the scene of a disturbance call with a stolen gun and fired while evading police, BLM rioters took to the streets.

They engaged in mayhem, which has sadly become customary, but this time they took their act to the suburbs and began attacking homes.

This is a terrifying escalation that was all too foreseeable because Democrat politicians refuse to condemn the violence or arrest the rioters for serious offenses.

Left-wing mobs have shown up to the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson and even fired shots into the home of conservative journalist Cassandra Fairbanks.

Terroristic threats on public restaurants have begun to crop up in several cities, but vandalizing suburban homes for no reason other than to sow chaos is truly frightening.

At the beginning of the George Floyd riots, a “woke” writer for ESPN had encouraged protests to “burn it all down,” but when rioters came to his community, he was quick to call them “animals” and told them to go back to their own communities.

This is the sickening mindset that’s overtaken the left.

They believe the pitchfork mob will never come for them, so they egg on the violence.

All they’ve done is allowed violence to be normalized.

Parts of Portland and Seattle have essentially become war zones, and Democrat politicians have pathetically waved the white flag.

The Democrats deserve to be swept out of office at the polls for refusing to keep their cities safe.

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