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Black Lives Matter Terrorized A Senator With One Disturbing Tactic

Black Lives Matter Terrorized A Senator With One Disturbing Tactic

Rand Paul

The Democrats’ desperation regarding the 2020 election has become palpable and dangerous.

They’ve empowered radical groups like Black Lives Matter in order to activate new voters.

But BLM terrorized a senator with one disturbing tactic.

The Democrats are beginning to feel the heat of a successful Republican National Convention.

The Republicans put on a convention that trounced the Democratic National Convention in every aspect.

The biggest mistake the Democrats made was to ignore the violent rioting and looting that have torn apart communities across the country.

So, it was only fitting that after Senator Rand Paul left an RNC event at the White House, he was surrounded and hectored by an angry mob of BLM radicals as he and his wife walked back to their hotel.

Paul has now been attacked three times by radicals.

He was at the congressional softball game where Steve Scalise was attacked, his deranged neighbor assaulted him and broke his ribs, and now an angry mob threatened him and shoved security around him.

The so-called mainstream media would never excuse this sort of behavior against a Democrat member of congress.

The corporate press has been abysmal on political violence, excusing it when it furthers the left’s cause.

Black Lives Matter and members of the media have either turned a blind eye to the violence or flat-out encouraged it.

Chicago was recently hit with a wave of looting after someone spread the lie that police officers shot a little kid.

Perhaps the greatest irony in the attack on Paul is that they shouted at him, “Say her name,” a reference to the shooting of Breonna Taylor in Louisville.

What these extremists don’t know is that Paul authored a bill named in Taylor’s honor intended to end no-knock raids.

Paul is a big proponent of police reform, but that doesn’t matter to the left.

The extremists just want an excuse to escalate and tear down the country.

In the upcoming presidential election, the choice between the two candidates has never been clearer.

A vote for the Democrats is a vote for radical left empowerment.

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