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Black Lives Matter Shouted Something That Will Send A Chill Down Your Spine

Black Lives Matter Shouted Something That Will Send A Chill Down Your Spine

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is an extremist group that’s spiraled out of control.

Any notion that the group is a nonpartisan political movement simply opposing police brutality is a lie.

Now BLM shouted something that will send a chill down your spine.

Antifa was recently designated a domestic terrorist organization by the Department of Justice.

It’s time to seriously consider taking the same action with Black Lives Matter.

The group has been responsible for several murders over the last four years.

The trick BLM organizers use to absolve themselves of guilt is to say that they have no official hierarchy.

That gives the head of the snake plausible deniability when local affiliates cross the line.

It’s time to put a stop to this rhetorical game.

BLM must condemn the actions of supporters who riot and loot in their name.

In fact, some BLM organizers have flat-out endorsed looting as a viable political strategy.

And BLM escalated things even further when hundreds of protesters marched down the street and made the group’s true intentions known:

That wasn’t Tehran, Iran where protesters were chanting, “Death to America.”

That was Oakland, California.

The radical left is just openly embracing hatred for the country at this point.

It’s no surprise BLM takes this tack because they’ve been a Marxist organization from inception.

The great irony is that some protesters in Tehran exhibit more American pride than do the Red Guard marching down the streets of Oakland:

Iranian protesters refuse to step on the American flag, meanwhile Americans burn the flag.

In Hong Kong, pro-freedom protesters wave the American flag and praise the Second Amendment.

Iranians and Hong Kongers are dealing with real oppression, not the imaginary kind that lives in the minds of privileged Americans.

In Iran, women can get thrown in jail for simply not wearing a hijab.

In America, women might be scolded for wearing a qipao (form-fitting Chinese dress) if they’re not Asian.

Leftists have turned first-world problems into the struggle against Jim Crow.

It’s that level of brainwashing that would cause hundreds of people to chant “Death to America” while others are risking death to come to America.

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