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Black Lives Matter Is Telling One Destructive Lie About A Police Shooting

Black Lives Matter Is Telling One Destructive Lie About A Police Shooting

Black Lives Matter has emerged as a reckless and dangerous political force of nature.

The organization has been granted moral authority to do whatever it wants.

But Black Lives Matter is telling one destructive lie about a police shooting.

The death of George Floyd set off a chain reaction of protests that have roiled the country to an alarming degree unseen since the 1970s.

Over 40 years ago, radical groups like the Weather Underground set off hundreds of bombs around the country.

Violent riots have been normalized in the way that bombing campaigns were in the ‘70s.

The fuel for this political napalm is when a black suspect is killed by a police officer.

The guilt or innocence of the suspect is largely irrelevant to the political opportunists, but the outrage is understandably magnified when police kill an innocent victim.

Breonna Taylor has been painted as an innocent victim of racist police violence, but the radical left has been dishonest about this incident.

Taylor was an ER technician in Louisville, Kentucky who was supposedly killed in her sleep when the police executed a no-knock warrant, bursted in, and fired indiscriminately.

But the truth is more complicated, and even the New York Times admits as such.

The Times shockingly laid out the details of the Taylor shooting, and they do not match the narrative of the militant left.

Taylor had been under investigation by the police for years because her on-and-off ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover was a known drug dealer.

Taylor’s car was on video surveillance outside of Glover’s known drug houses on several occasions, and Glover also allegedly delivered packages to Taylor’s home.

Glover directed Taylor to post bail for him and known associates.

In a recorded jailhouse conversation, Glover said that he’d left $14,000 at Taylor’s home.

Taylor also rented a car for Glover that was used in the murder of a Glover associate.

She was not implicated in the murder, but as the Times describes, Taylor had one foot in Glover’s drug operation.

Based on available evidence, Taylor got involved with a bad guy in Glover, and was trying to cut him out of her life.

On the night of Taylor’s tragic death, police officers raided multiple residences associated with Glover, and Taylor’s apartment was one of them.

The controversial no-knock warrant was amended to a “knock and announce” warrant, and two witnesses on the scene said they heard the cops shout, “Police!”

However, it seems that Taylor and her current boyfriend Kenneth Walker did not hear the police announcement, and the police did not hear them calling back, “Who is it?”

Walker feared that Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Glover was the one bursting through the door, so he opened fire on police.

That’s when they returned fire and killed Taylor.

The entire episode was a tragic event and shouldn’t have happened, but it’s been completely mischaracterized by far-left activists.

NFL players even marched on the home of the Kentucky attorney general to arrest the cops in the Taylor shooting for murder.

Not only is this deranged, but it sets incorrect expectations for the masses.

If they believe the lie, they will be further enraged when the police officers are not arrested.

Senator Rand Paul introduced a bill in Breonna Taylor’s name to end no-knock raids, but he was attacked by the mob anyway because the narrative has become more powerful than the truth.

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