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Black Lives Matter Did Something That Could Make A Major City More Unsafe

Black Lives Matter Did Something That Could Make A Major City More Unsafe

Black Lives Matter

The far-left activist group Black Lives Matter is embedded in controversy once again.

The group has been associated with unruly protests in various cities across the country.

Now Black Lives Matter did something that could make a major city more unsafe.

One of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullor, led the push to get the ballot initiative “Measure R” passed in Los Angeles.

Measure R gives a civilian oversight commission subpoena power in investigations and aims to reduce the Los Angeles jail population.

However, the problem with this leftist line of thinking is that arbitrarily reducing the prison population doesn’t result in reduced crime.

The focus should be on lowering crime, not incarceration rates.

These soft-on-crime policies always sound good in theory, but don’t work in practice.

New York City suffered for decades under such policies until Mayor Rudy Giuliani took a more practical approach.

But New York City is back to repeating the mistakes of the past and they’re regretting it.

Current mayor Bill de Blasio, a socialist who once said he’d do away with property rights if he could, is already admitting the city’s jail reform policy is a failure.

New York City has seen a sharp uptick in crime as criminal defendants have been let back on the streets.

Should Los Angeles go down a similar route with policies related to the recent ballot initiative passage, it’s pretty certain they’ll also see an increase in crime.

California has already changed shoplifting crimes from felonies to low-level misdemeanors if the items stolen total less than $950.

And unsurprisingly, particularly in San Francisco, shoplifting has skyrocketed.

Leftists have a purely materialist view of the world, so crime is simply solved by redistribution.

Cullors of Black Lives Matter has previously stated that she wants to “dismantle” law enforcement and abolish prisons, but doesn’t talk about actual crime reduction.

Billionaire left-wing activist George Soros is one of the benefactors of Black Lives Matter as well as several progressive district attorney campaigns around the country.

As a result, more cities could be adopting these policies that promise to reduce the prison population without addressing how to reduce crime.

San Francisco recently elected far-left district attorney Chesa Boudin who’s already at odds with the police union in his city.

Coincidentally, the man Boudin defeated is running for district attorney in Los Angeles.

His opponent is incumbent district attorney Jackie Lacey, a black woman, whom Black Lives Matter protested in front of her home at 5:30 in the morning.

In California, especially in San Francisco and Los Angeles, the radical left gets to run the show while law-abiding citizens suffer.

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