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Black Lives Matter Made One City More Dangerous After A Huge Announcement

Black Lives Matter Made One City More Dangerous After A Huge Announcement

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter continues to rampage through American cities.

The carnage is made even worse by the so-called mainstream media who encourage their destruction.

Now Black Lives Matter made one city more dangerous after a huge announcement.

Far-left radical groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa have been empowered to cause chaos in the streets.

The corporate press has either ignored Antifa or pretended they were noble “antifascists” because the word is in their name.

Even after Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr designated Antifa a terror group, the Democrats ignored them.

New York Congressman Jerry Nadler recently called the group a “myth,” which proves he’s either a liar or totally ignorant or both.

BLM made its way to Rochester, New York after video footage of the arrest of a man named Daniel Prude surfaced.

Prude’s brother called the cops on him because he was allegedly high on PCP and rampaging through the streets naked.

Prude died after being restrained by the police, and the medical examiner’s report said his death was caused by “complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint due to excited delirium due to acute phencyclidine intoxication.”

None of that mattered because the BLM narrative was already set.

Activists rampaged through the streets and terrorized local businesses.

The big shocker came next when the entire command structure of the police department resigned after being demonized by the left and thrown under the bus by Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren.

Police Chief La’Ron Singletary said in his resignation address:

“As a man of integrity, I will not sit idly by while outside entities attempt to destroy my character…The events over the past week are an attempt to destroy my character and integrity. The members of the Rochester Police Department and the Greater Rochester Community know my reputation and know what I stand for. The mischaracterization and the politicization of the actions that I took after being informed of Mr. Prude’s death is not based on facts, and is not what I stand for.”

Six other top brass members followed Singletary out the door.

An anonymous member of the Rochester Police Department put the blame squarely on the shoulders of Mayor Warren:

“The mayor didn’t ask anyone to retire or resign. They did it on their own…They are pissed that their credibility was publicly tarnished (untruthfully). They are pissed that they cannot make real-time tactical decisions without clearing it through City Hall and [are] afraid that someone will [be] hurt because of it…The mayor has gutted this department in name of politics. She’s lied about the characters [of] good men. She needs to go. I’m furious.”

Chief Singletary’s resignation is the latest in a string of recent high-profile chiefs stepping down.

Seattle police chief Carmen Best resigned after not being allowed to clean put an end to the autonomous zone carved out by communists over six downtown city blocks, and also being told to take a pay cut.

Dallas police chief Reneé Hall and Atlanta police chief Erika Shields also resigned recently due to the rise of lawlessness in the streets that has been allowed to fester by Democrat leadership and a complicit corporate press.

The press ran with the “defund the police” narrative until it was proven to be a political loser for the Democrats.

Since then, they’ve tried to pivot to a law and order posture, but nobody is buying it.

It’s way too little, and way too late.

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