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Black Lives Matter Crossed The Line With One Insane Demand

Black Lives Matter Crossed The Line With One Insane Demand

Black Lives Matter

The radicalism of Black Lives Matter is rearing its ugly head.

The group has been given a lot of latitude in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.

But Black Lives Matter has crossed the line with one insane demand.

Black Lives Matter has proven they’re nothing more than a left-wing terror group – no less radical than Antifa, which recently received the terror group designation.

The American people were sold on the lie that BLM was simply a group protesting instances of police brutality.

It’s not true; BLM has been a radical group from its inception.

The founders of the organization openly acknowledge they’re “trained Marxists” who want to subvert the nuclear family.

These facts aren’t even disputed by outlets like Politico.

Leftist apologists will argue that BLM extremists don’t represent the movement.

If that’s the case, then the radicals within the movement should be condemned by its leaders.

The left will also argue that there’s no leadership structure.

If that’s the case, then who’s collecting all of the donation and merchandising money?

BLM is the left’s latest Trojan horse to bring America one step closer toward socialism.

That became clear when BLM radicals in Seattle marched into the suburbs and demanded residents “give black people back their homes.”

One extremist shouted:

“All y’all white motherf***ers get the f*** out our neighborhoods…Get the f*** out and give us our sh** back!”

Another activist said, “Pay the fee…Open your purse.”

If it sounds like a shakedown, that’s because it is.

BLM terrorists in Louisville tried the same thing with businesses in Louisville.

But a community of Cuban immigrants who escaped Fidel Castro’s prison island weren’t having any of BLM’s socialist intimidation in the United States.

BLM and the compliant corporate press have made excuse after excuse for the rioting and looting that has swept across the country.

Rioting has been reframed as the language of the unheard and looting is simply reparations.

The activists who stormed into Seattle said the same thing:

“Get this back, man. We coming for it, reparations…Give us our sh** back. Give us our equity back.”

The radicalism of BLM can no longer be disrupted.

This is a far-left movement that’s every bit as dangerous and destructive as Antifa or the 1970s radical groups like the Weather Underground Organization that engaged in bombing campaigns across America.

In fact, one of BLM’s fundraisers, Susan Rosenberg, is a convicted Weather Underground terrorist.

BLM cares about black lives insofar as they can be used as a cudgel against the police.

But when BLM extremists killed eight-year-old Secoriea Turner in Atlanta, the group and the media were largely silent.

BLM only cares about their radical left revolution and nothing more.

Public support for Black Lives Matter is slowly on the decline, and that’s a good thing.

Until the innocuous slogan can be decoupled from the terrorist movement, Black Lives Matter needs to be seen as an extremist group.

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