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Black Lives Matter Just Got Called Out For The Dangerous Thing They Did

Black Lives Matter Just Got Called Out For The Dangerous Thing They Did

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter has been causing a stir for years.

The activist group has resorted to radical tactics in order to push their far-left agenda.

Now Black Lives Matter just got called out for this dangerous thing they did.

The militant tactics of Black Lives Matter has been criticized for years.

They’ve even been rebuked by other members on the left.

And now the Los Angeles chapter of the group is being called out by a left-wing activist.

Najee Ali, a black activist in Los Angeles, has had several feuds with the group and disapproves of their tactics.

Recently, Black Lives Matter protested at the home of L.A. District Attorney Jackie Lacey, a black Democrat.

A band of protesters crowded in front of her house at 5:30 am, banging drums and chanting.

The mob then rang the doorbell – and was promptly met by Lacey’s husband brandishing a gun.

Left-wing media outlets have criticized Lacey’s husband—and Lacey herself—for the gun incident. But he was responding to a clear act of political intimidation by a band of protesters swarming in front of his home in the early morning.

Ali called out the political stunt for what it was, saying it was, “one of the dumbest protests in the history of Los Angeles activism…Every murderer, rapist, and violent criminal Lacey has put in jail now has her home address…”

Ali also called for the LA chapter of Black Lives Matter to be disbanded.

“They either need to disband altogether, or reorganize and place those in decision-making positions who actually know how to organize effective protest campaigns,” Ali said.

This isn’t the first stunt Black Lives Matter has pulled in the city.

As Ali also pointed out, “Black Lives Matter wants to portray its members as peaceful, but the facts are…members and supporters have engaged in several public acts of intimidation of city and religious leaders in recent years.”

The group has protested churches and have staged similar intimidating protests outside the homes of government officials.

Black Lives Matter recently pushed through ballot initiative Measure R, which aims to reduce the Los Angeles County prison population.

But reducing the prison population without actually reducing crime is self-defeating.

The victims of crime still exist, but somehow they get lost in the equation.

They’re expendable.

The “true” victims are the ones who commit the crimes, not the law-abiding citizens in the same communities.

It’s yet to be determined if the stunt outside Lacey’s home will affect the race for DA, which could be headed for a run-off.

Democrats have a comfortable majority in the state of California, so Los Angeles is likely doomed by bad governance however the election shakes out.

But intimidation tactics like those employed by Black Lives Matter have no place in politics.

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