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Black Lives Matter Just Committed One Unspeakable Act

Black Lives Matter Just Committed One Unspeakable Act


Protests over the murder of George Floyd have gone completely off the rails.

Rioting and looting have destroyed cities for over a month now.

And Black Lives Matter just committed one unspeakable act.

The murder of George Floyd gave far-left activists and domestic terrorists like Antifa enough moral cover to carry out their radical agenda.

But the mask has slipped and their destructive face has been exposed for everyone to see.

Donald Trump warned that the tearing down of monuments would escalate, and that’s exactly what’s happened across the country.

In Seattle, radical leftists seized several blocks of a downtown area and declared it the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP).

Several people died within CHOP before the feckless mayor was shamed into taking action.

A similar story played out in Atlanta with equally tragic consequences.

Atlanta police officers killed Rayshard Brooks after he drove drunk, fell asleep in his car in a Wendy’s drive thru line, resisted arrest, gave an officer a concussion during a fight, stole a taser, and fired it at one of the officers.

Bodycam footage of the incident shows that the shooting was justified under Georgia law, but that didn’t stop Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms from throwing her officers under the bus.

Black Lives Matter activists burned down the Wendy’s in question and occupied the area similar to the disastrous Seattle CHOP.

And BLM terrorists in Atlanta shot and killed an 8-year-old girl named Secoriea Turner after her mother drove toward the occupied zone and tried to make a U-turn.

These far-left lunatics perceive everyone as a “fascist” threat, so they indiscriminately shot at the car and killed a little girl.

One of the founders of Black Lives Matter said during an interview, “we’re trained Marxists,” so these are fruits of their so-called revolution.

Turner’s father shamed BLM with a powerful statement:

“They say black lives matter. You killed your own. You killed your own this time…They killed my baby because she crossed the barrier and made a U-turn. You killed a child. She didn’t do nothing to nobody.”

The horrific incident finally shamed Mayor Bottoms into action.

She immediately shut down the Wendy’s occupation after letting it fester for weeks.

Bottoms said, “Now we are demanding action for Secoriea Turner, and all other people who were shot in Atlanta last night…Enough is enough. If you want people to take us seriously and you don’t want us to lose this movement, we can’t lose each other…At the point that an 8-year-old baby is killed, the discussions have ended.”

But the real question is why Bottoms allowed these terrorists to occupy city property in the first place.

Democrat politicians are playing a dangerous game.

They’re in league with radicals who would gladly tear down the country if given the opportunity.

The spate of shootings and killings across the country are proof of what happens when leftist policies go unchecked.

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