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Black Lives Matter Crossed The Line With One Chilling Stunt

Black Lives Matter Crossed The Line With One Chilling Stunt

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist organization that has gone mainstream.

The group, for now, maintains a seal of legitimacy, but that’s slowly eroding.

Now Black Lives Matter crossed the line with one chilling stunt.

The death of George Floyd has fomented the spread of Black Lives Matter.

BLM is allowed to operate because of a few rhetorical tricks.

First, their slogan is impossible to refute; they try to bully people into supporting the cause by supporting the slogan.

Second, BLM claims to be made up of independent groups with no command structure.

This is important because it allows them to endorse and distance themselves from local chapters whenever it’s necessary.

But make no mistake about it, BLM has a radical anti-American agenda.

The co-founder of the group admitted flat-out that they’re “trained Marxists,” so it’s not hyperbole to call them far-left extremists.

BLM has shown time and time again that they’re willing to get violent in order to achieve their goals.

Hawk Newsome, one of the group’s organizers, said on Fox News they’re prepared to “burn down” the system if their demands are not met.

In Los Angeles, BLM already threatened the home of District Attorney Jacie Lacey early in the morning.

Her husband David warded off dozens of extremists on their property with a gun, and the state attorney general is unbelievably charging him with a crime.

Now another BLM-affiliated group in Los Angeles is pulling the stunt of going to an official’s home.

Far-left radicals went to the home of LAPD Chief Michael Moore, vandalized his property, and staged a protest.

What first began as protests quickly graduated to rioting and looting, then going to the home of public officials.

The next step was seizing city property and declaring it an autonomous zone.

Now BLM and Antifa terrorists are literally executing people.

Meanwhile, mayors in Democrat-run cities are doing next to nothing about it.

Portland has become ground zero for the communist terrorists.

The extremists have rioted for over 90 days straight, and mayor Ted Wheeler refuses to lift a finger.

Even worse, Portland District Attorney Mike Schmidt refuses to prosecute the radicals.

Los Angeles hasn’t quite gotten to Portland levels of chaos, but it is quickly getting there.

And while criminals are allowed to run rampant, law-abiding citizens are having their utilities shut off for not adhering to unconstitutional Wuhan virus edicts.

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