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Black Lives Matter Carried Out One Attack That Will Turn Your Stomach

Black Lives Matter Carried Out One Attack That Will Turn Your Stomach

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter has exposed themselves as an extremist hate group.

The sanitized version seen on television hides the despicable street violence in which the group engages on a nightly basis.

Now Black Lives Matter carried out one attack that will turn your stomach.

It’s time to stop beating around the bush and label Black Lives Matter a domestic terror group.

Antifa recently received that distinction, and deservedly so.

Black Lives Matter is engaging in the same terrorist tactics and are part of a dubious funding network.

While the anodyne slogan “black lives matter” lulls people into thinking the group’s cause is just, Black Lives Matter the organization is a hate-filled violent mob.

Followers have threatened and/or carried out attacks against blacks, whites, Asians, cops, politicians, and anyone else who opposes them.

That happened again recently in Portland when BLM extremists nearly beat a man to death after he tried to help a transgender individual who was robbed by BLM agitators.

His girlfriend was practically pulled from his truck and physically assaulted as well.

The victim ultimately crashed his truck after being harassed by rioters.

That’s when he was savagely beaten as he sat on the ground (explicit language):

Independent journalist Drew Hernandez was on the scene and told Fox News that the attack was random.

Hernandez said, “I think he just felt extremely threatened…They chased him…until he finally crashed. When they finally caught up to him, they went nuts.”

This isn’t the first time BLM radicals have gotten belligerent with innocent bystanders.

Hernandez continued, “This was violent, extremely violent…Sometimes I forget I’m walking the streets of an American city in the Northwest. Sometimes it feels like you’re walking in a Third World county.”

Portland has become a hub for far-left extremism.

Much of the city’s official structures have been captured by the far left.

Far-left mayor Ted Wheeler (who’s also the police commissioner) has allowed Antifa to operate with impunity for years, and he’s actually being outflanked on his left by his mayoral opponent who forced a runoff, Sarah Iannarone.

Iannarone calls herself the “Antifa mayor,” so there is no law-and-order mayor riding into town to save the day.

Also, District Attorney Mike Schmidt is admittedly good friends with one of the city’s most prominent far-left activists, so the criminals aren’t even being locked up when the cops arrest them.

This is how a city dies, and it will spread to other parts of the United States if the Democrats are allowed to get into office.

The corporate press has been lying for months about the left-wing mob violence, and they likely would’ve lied about this shocking incident if it hadn’t been captured on camera.

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