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Black Lives Matter And Antifa Could Be Stopped Cold After One Huge Move

Black Lives Matter And Antifa Could Be Stopped Cold After One Huge Move

The radical left has been allowed to run rampant across the country for months.

Several cities are on fire because Democrat politicians have sat on their hands and catered to the mob.

But Black Lives Matter and Antifa could be stopped cold after one huge move.

The Democrat Party has played footsie with Antifa and Black Lives Matter for too long.

Democrats and their media allies have either excused the actions of these groups or simply denied their existence.

Congressman Jerry Nadler recently said that Antifa was a “myth,” even though they’ve been wreaking havoc for years and are designated as a domestic terror group.

CNN and other networks defend Antifa by making the elementary-school argument that “anti-fascist” is their name.

But the radicalism of Antifa and BLM is becoming too conspicuous to ignore.

Even the so-called mainstream media admits BLM is a Marxist organization, but only as a matter-of-factly – they have no problem with Marxism as a philosophy.

But the American people are fed up with the far-left political violence and so is the Trump administration.

In a recent appearance on Tucker Carlson, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said that the leaders of these extremist groups are being investigated.

These groups are highly organized and well-trained.

They have decentralized groups, but they all march under the same banner with the same outfits with the same ideology.

Many of them travel across state lines to serve as professional protesters, and they’re repeatedly getting bailed out so they can engage in more carnage.

And nobody would be surprised if globalists like George Soros were responsible for funding.

In fact, Soros has donated millions to the “legitimate” wing of Black Lives Matter.

Another piece of the puzzle that gets overlooked is the role of district attorneys.

Many more left-wing DAs are assuming office and applying their warped world view when prosecuting crimes.

Soros is funding many of them and their actions are driving crime up in their cities.

For example, Portland District Attorney Mike Schmidt admitted he’s good friends with an Antifa organizer.

It’s no wonder Antifa rioters continually get let out of prison in that city.

Thankfully, DHS Secretary Wolf and Attorney General William Barr are finally going after the heads of these extremist groups.

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