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Bill Gates Is Saying Something Infuriating About China

Bill Gates Is Saying Something Infuriating About China

Bill Gates

The Wuhan virus has caused a massive disruption in virtually every country around the globe.

The outbreak has exposed many flaws in foreign policy regarding the Chinese government.

But Bill Gates just said something infuriating about China.

In recent years, Microsoft mogul Bill Gates has expended considerable efforts and financial resources on globalist policies.

For that reason, his primary geopolitical concern isn’t necessarily the health and prosperity of the United States.

The Wuhan virus exposed the problems with globalism, which has always been at odds with national sovereignty.

In fact, billionaire globalist George Soros said in his memoirs that national sovereignty is the greatest obstacle to his one-world-government agenda.

In order to keep the globalist agenda on track, many are running interference for the Chinese Communist Party, because if they’re solely responsible for the outbreak, it strikes a huge blow to globalism.

So it should come as no surprise that Gates called the criticism of China a “distraction” and said that the United States performed “poorly” in avoiding economic calamity.

He made these comments in an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria.

It’s unbelievable to hear such ridiculous language.

America’s response to the virus was directly related to misinformation coming from the CCP.

They silenced doctors and hospital workers, arrested citizen journalists, and very likely fabricated their number of cases and deaths.

At the peak of the Chinese outbreak, Chinese officials were dousing citizens with chemicals in public and welding them inside their homes.

Meanwhile, they waited six days to alert the rest of the world about the danger of the outbreak that was brewing in Wuhan.

Worse yet, the CCP lied to the World Health Organization about the virus being transmitted from person to person.

That lie – coupled with inaccurate data – led to health officials in other countries to create inaccurate models.

The WHO’s fealty to China led to Donald Trump freezing over $400 million in funding to the organization (China only contributes one-tenth of that).

With the U.S. no longer funneling cash to the WHO, the Gates Foundation is now the organization’s biggest rainmaker.

In 2017, the Gates Foundation contributed $327 million to the WHO, which means Gates’s interests are intertwined with the globalist organization.

Gates doesn’t want them to lose any credibility, so he’s regurgitating CCP agitprop.

Gates and his foundation have done good philanthropic work, but that doesn’t mean China should be let off the hook.

People need to know the truth. It wasn’t simply a “distraction” that China made a host of bad moves in response to the virus.

Now people across the globe are paying the price.

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