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A Big Push For Gun Control Is About To Get Jammed Down Your Throat

A Big Push For Gun Control Is About To Get Jammed Down Your Throat

Gun Control

Gun control zealots never sleep.

They’re constantly coming up with new ways to curtail Second Amendment rights.

And now people are about to get hit with a big push for gun control.

In the aftermath of the terrible mass murders in El Paso and Dayton, liberals are using the tragedies to push for gun control.

The left always talks about wanting “common sense” gun laws, but what they truly want is full-on gun confiscation.

They can’t get there in one fell swoop, so they’ll get there by piecemeal.

And now Democrats in Congress will be pushing new gun laws to further curb gun rights.

They will soon make a presentation on three new initiatives: the “Keep Americans Safe Act,” the “Extreme Risk Protection Orders Act of 2019,” and the “Disarm Hate Act.”

None of these bills would actually do anything to stop gun violence, but they will serve the dual purpose of making liberals feel good and inching toward the ultimate goal of gun confiscation.

The “Keep Americans Safe Act” would ban magazines over 10 rounds.

Heavy gun control states like New York and California have already pushed similar legislation, although it’s being contested in California.

An appellate court judge in California asserted that magazine limitations endanger the lives of people acting in self-defense.

The judge even recounted a story of a homeowner who ran out of bullets while trying to stop multiple home invaders.

The “Extreme Risk Protection Orders Act of 2019” is another name for “red flag laws,” which would suspend gun rights for people arbitrarily deemed dangerous.

Such a definition is overbroad and intentionally ripe for abuse by motivated leftists.

Some teachers have even lodged complaints to Child Protective Services after learning that a student’s parents owned guns.

Not only would this allow the government to seize guns on shaky premises, but it would also serve as a de facto gun registry.

And the “Disarm Hate Act” would revoke gun rights from someone convicted of a misdemeanor hate crime.

This law would have the double effect of taking away guns and further enshrining the concept of hate crimes.

Crimes against another person are immoral regardless of the motive.

But hate crime laws are strictly politically motivated, which could lead to some dubious application of the flawed “Disarm Hate Act.”

And none of these initiatives address the elephant in the room: that criminals don’t follow the law.

Anyone deranged enough to kill dozens of strangers in cold blood doesn’t care about magazine restrictions.

Guns can be modified.

Even without modification, this doesn’t make them any less lethal.

These gun control proposals do nothing to address any real issues.

But Democrats will push them hard anyway.

Prepare yourself for a massive media blitz on these initiatives.

Now might be a good time to make sure you’re all set for self-defense.

Gun-grabbers are making it harder and harder for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves.

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