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Big Brother Surveillance Is Coming To Public Transportation Near You

Big Brother Surveillance Is Coming To Public Transportation Near You

Have you ever read George Orwell’s book 1984? If you haven’t, here is the basic scenario (without giving away the story line): In the near future, the government controls everything and watches everyone all of the time to make sure that they don’t do, or even think, anything of which the government does not approve.

It’s a pretty horrible thing to think about, and critics of domestic spying programs, like the NSA’s programs, are concerned that those programs will turn our Federal government into a full-fledged 1984-type of government.

With technology and other changes in the world, it seems possible. And the Feds are not trying to hide the fact that they are moving in exactly this direction. For example, the LA Metro has recently installed the same kind of body scanners that the TSA is currently using at airports. Matt Agorist writes,

For years, those who have been paying attention to the ever-expanding police state that is the United States, have been warning of the slippery slope of TSA expansion. For years, these same people warned that TSA would soon be present at bus stations, malls, and subways. And now, this has begun to happen.

Indeed, the Free Thought Project predicted this years ago when several U.S. senators from both sides of the aisle expressed their desire to make travelers lives’ a veritable hell of red tape and insidious surveillance by increasing putative ‘security’ for rail lines, highways, and marine routes by adding presence and screening procedures at Megabus depots, Amtrak stations, and more. Now, it is finally here.

According to a press release from the TSA, they have “partnered with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) to deploy a new advanced portable passenger screening technology that will help detect weapon and explosive device security threats on the county’s transit system.”

The Los Angeles Metro system becomes the first transportation agency in the United States, according to TSA, to purchase such “an advanced, high-tech security device” — ironically from the agency responsible for strip searching babies, removing colostomy bags, beating up blind cancer patients, and fondling your genitalia, all in the name of security.

Now, if Agorist’s thoughts about the TSA’s searches of people seem rather cynical, it’s only because they are cynical and based upon years of seeing what is happening in our country.

Essentially, what this new scanning system is doing is setting another layer of surveillance which will allow the government to track our every movement and take away what little fragments of privacy we have left.

One thing is for sure, I don’t plan on riding the LA Metro in the foreseeable future. Why should I make it even easier for the government to spy on me?

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