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Biden’s New Immigration Policy Just Made The Border Crisis A Whole Lot Worse

Biden’s New Immigration Policy Just Made The Border Crisis A Whole Lot Worse

Joe Biden
Photo by Gage Skidmore

The early stages of Joe Biden’s presidency should concern all Americans.

He’s made it clear that his priority is not the welfare of the country.

And Biden’s new immigration policy just made the border crisis a whole lot worse.

Joe Biden has signed an unprecedented number of executive orders in his short time in office, many of which only serve the interests of the global elite.

Biden has essentially reversed all of Donald Trump’s gains in thwarting unfettered illegal immigration.

Biden halted construction on the border wall, put a moratorium on deportations, and outlined a pathway to citizenship for as many as 30+ million illegal aliens.

Now Biden signed an executive order vastly increasing the number of refugees coming into the country.

“So today, I’m approving an executive order to begin the hard work of restoring our refugee admissions program to help meet the unprecedented global need…This executive order will position us to be able to raise the refugee admissions back up to 125,000 persons for the first full fiscal year of the Biden-Harris administration,” Biden announced.

In the midst of a global pandemic, Biden has prioritized bringing in waves of immigrants while millions of Americans are still locked down and unable to send their children to school.

Democrats have been instituting these types of America-last policies throughout the coronavirus pandemic, like New Jersey allowing illegal aliens to obtain occupational licenses while many state residents had their businesses forcibly closed.

Biden’s executive order signals an 800-percent increase in the number of refugees coming into the country.

And refugee resettlement is just one of the facets of the migration racket.

Communities can receive millions in aid from the government as part of the refugee program.

The migrant crisis of 2015 was spurred by the senseless war in Syria, which displaced hundreds of thousands into Europe and North America.

Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been holding Europe hostage by essentially using Turkey as a fence between the Middle East and Europe.

Erdogan has threatened to allow “millions” of migrants to flood into Europe.

Globalists like billionaire George Soros consider national sovereignty a hindrance and porous borders is just one way to undermine countries as part of their massive egalitarian project.

Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, has openly discussed his plan for a “Great Reset,” which has been trumpeted by several world leaders.

Such an ambitious project cannot happen with independent nations balking at the concept.

Biden seems determined to hurt everyday Americans with job-destroying executive orders such as the cancellation of the Keystone pipeline and immigration policies that depress wages.

Americans are going to get a good look at what a Biden administration will do to their bottom line.

Many seem to have forgotten the lessons of the Obama administration – stagnant wage growth, fewer full-time employees, and the slowest economic recovery in history.

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