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Biden’s Border Crisis Blunder Just Got Put On Hold

Biden’s Border Crisis Blunder Just Got Put On Hold

Joe Biden
Photo by Gage Skidmore

Joe Biden has already put the United States on a troubling path.

His flurry of executive orders only works to weaken the country, especially his orders on illegal immigration.

But one of those orders just got put on hold.

Joe Biden is reconstituting the D.C. Swamp as quickly as he can.

And one no-brainer way to accomplish that is by allowing unfettered illegal immigration into the country.

Big business and the donor class get cheap labor – and big-government politicians get to grow their influence.

Biden signaled that helping the establishment is his top priority when he took the citizenship question off the census, offered a pathway to citizenship for 20+ million illegal aliens in the country, and put a freeze on deportations and immigration arrests.

However, a federal judge in Texas has put a hold on Biden’s order to halt deportation.

“A federal judge in Texas said Friday that he’ll likely extend his hold on the Biden administration’s deportation moratorium until February 23. Earlier this week, Judge Drew Tipton of the Southern District of Texas, a Trump appointee, blocked the administration’s 100-day pause on deportations, delivering a blow to one of President Joe Biden’s first immigration actions,” CNN reported.

Lawfare was one of the strategies applied by the Democrats throughout Trump’s administration.

Countless of constitutional orders were blocked by activist judges on the flimsiest of grounds and without any legal standing.

Now the Democrats are getting a taste of their own medicine.

CNN continued:

“Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican, had sued, leading to the first legal block of one of Biden’s executive actions. Tipton initially blocked the administration from executing its deportation pause for 14 days. The temporary restraining order, Tipton argued, was appropriate under the Administrative Procedure Act.”

For years, Barack Obama said he could not reverse federal immigration law by executive order, then did just that.

But when Trump tried to undo the executive order, Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the liberals – as he is wont to do – and blocked it.

Thankfully, one of Trump’s greatest achievements was appointing three Supreme Court judges to hedge against John Roberts’ inane rulings that often blindsided conservatives.

Hopefully, pumping the brakes on Biden’s globalist immigration plot will encourage more legal challenges to Biden’s anti-American policies.

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