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Biden Made One Shocking Statement That Just Intensified The Border Crisis

Biden Made One Shocking Statement That Just Intensified The Border Crisis

Joe Biden
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Joe Biden’s plan for America is disastrous.

He’s already made common cause with Bernie Sanders and the socialist wing of the Democrat Party.

Now Biden made one shocking statement that just intensified the border crisis.

Joe Biden has made a series of absurd statements during his hollow presidential campaign.

He’s alternated between gaffes and ridiculous plans that would wreck the country.

And during the last presidential debate, he announced one plan that could be his most harmful of all.

Biden said he would grant citizenship to all the illegal aliens currently residing in United States.

“I’ll be president of the United States, not vice president of the United States…The fact is I’ve made it very clear within 100 days, I’m going to send to the United States Congress a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented people,” Biden said.

First of all, it should be noted that Biden threw Barack Obama under the bus.

Second, a study out of Yale School of Management—not exactly a bastion of conservative thought—estimates there are closer to 22 million illegal aliens in the country.

Some studies even put the number north of 30 million, which would be roughly 10% of the country’s population.

Third, citizenship for that many people would be destabilizing for a country.

Adding 11-30+ million voters would undoubtedly tilt the balance of power toward the Democrats.

First-time immigrant voters pull the lever for the Democrats 80% of the time.

While that number evens out over successive generations, it can’t happen if the borders remain porous and people aren’t properly assimilated.

Assimilation has even become a four-letter word for people on the hard left because they believe American culture is systemically racist and oppressive.

They want people coming in and maintaining their own culture and establishing their own enclaves.

That goes against the idea of America as a melting pot.

Liberal documentary filmmaker Namrata Singh Gujral set out to make a pro-immigration movie, only to end up changing her perspective after investigating the issue further.

She says she’s now voting for Trump because the Democrats’ plan for immigration hurts everyone involved.

As Gujral points out, Democrat rhetoric serves as a magnet for people trying to come into the country.

It creates a selling point for ruthless coyotes to promise people safe passage into America.

Democrats in so-called “sanctuary” jurisdictions are making the problem worse, too.

Some states are even granting occupational licenses to illegal aliens and allowing them to vote in school board elections.

The Democrat position is nonsensical.

Biden wants to grant amnesty, but has no plan for increased border security. This will only entice even more illegal aliens to flood into the country.

As Gujral pointed out, when Democrats put out these false messages, they only make the border crisis worse.

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