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Biden Reignited The Border Crisis With One Disastrous Message

Biden Reignited The Border Crisis With One Disastrous Message

Joe Biden
Photo by Gage Skidmore

The Biden administration is off to a troubling start.

Joe Biden has already reversed several policies that made the United States safer and more prosperous.

And now, Biden has reignited the border crisis with one disastrous message.

Donald Trump’s central message in 2016 was to address the immigration problem that had spiraled out of control.

According to a Yale study, approximately 22 million illegal aliens reside in the country, although other studies put that number north of 30 million.

Trump made a concerted effort to stop the flow of unfettered illegal immigration, but the Biden administration reversed course on the first day.

Biden announced a pathway to citizenship for all the illegal aliens in the country, halted border wall construction, and put a 100-day moratorium on deportations.

And those efforts did not go unnoticed by the thousands of migrants heading to the U.S. from Central America.

One of the migrants told CNN he was coming to the United States because Biden said he would help them.

Tom Homan, former acting director of ICE, predicted this exact scenario during an interview with Fox News:

“I said if Biden became president, this would happen…The things he said, the promises that he made…like ending the remain in Mexico program, and getting rid of private detention, putting a moratorium on deportations, stopping ICE from doing worksite enforcement operations, offering free healthcare. When you throw those kinds of enticements out, who’s not going to come to the greatest country on Earth?”

One liberal filmmaker actually ended up voting for Donald Trump because she realized the problem with Democrats “promising the store” to migrants while filming her documentary “America’s Forgotten.”

Illegal immigration causes major problems for all involved.

Nearly one-third of the women and young girls are sexually assaulted and many migrants do not survive the treacherous journey north.

Illegal immigration also drives down wages for American workers – which is something that the left used to understand.

Left-wing labor activist Cesar Chavez and his followers used to beat up illegal aliens to keep them from crossing into the United States.

However, Democrats did a 180 once they realized illegal immigration gave them easy new voters.

And globalists favor illegal immigration because it weakens national sovereignty, which George Soros cites as the greatest obstacle to his agenda.

Biden’s immigration policies enrich cartels and coyotes who exploit desperate migrants trying to come into the United States.

It was a complete disaster that Trump had been successful in addressing. Now it’s all been undone.

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