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Better Defense Against Home Invaders With One Planning Strategy

Better Defense Against Home Invaders With One Planning Strategy

Home invasions are a nightmare that many people must face.

It’s a flagrant violation of personal property and piece-of-mind.

Here’s one strategy to help you combat home invaders so the worst-case scenario doesn’t happen.

The Department of Justice reports there are roughly 3.7 million home invasions each year, and around 30% of those happen when someone is home.

So over 1 million people will be confronted by a home invader each year.

Also, 38% of assaults and 60% of rapes happen during these horrific invasions.

Knowing that your personal space has been violated is traumatizing enough, but it can be so much worse if you’re not prepared to defend yourself and your family.

If your security setup is breached, it’s a good idea to have firearms as an option to confront intruders.

However, home invaders will attack when you least expect it, so preparation can be difficult.

You might be several rooms away from your gun safe when someone breaks in.

That’s why it’s important to have multiple guns hidden throughout the house so you can quickly arm yourself in the face of danger.

The impulse is to hide your guns in a very difficult place to reach, but that makes defense very cumbersome—and perhaps impossible—if someone breaches your interior quickly.

Here are some suggestions for effectively hiding your guns.


The kitchen is generally a good place for a hidden gun because intruders don’t regard it as a high-value target.

The master bedroom is generally the first place home invaders seek.

The pantry is a good option because you’re less likely to encounter an intruder in the kitchen, it’s easily accessible, and there are plenty of good hiding places, such as inside an empty box.


Several companies make pieces of furniture that have hidden compartments, and sofas or coffee tables aren’t places that would draw the eye of home invaders.

Furniture is a great way to hide a weapon in plain sight.

Under the sink

Underneath the kitchen or bathroom sink is another place that should be easily accessible without having to engage directly with an intruder.

It’s also easy to hide a gun behind various cleaning supplies, buckets, or any other common sink cabinet items.

Inside a vent

A vent with an easily detachable face is a great place to store a gun.

Vents are always overlooked and they aren’t a place anyone would ever accidentally stumble upon.

Inside a paint can

An empty paint can is another inconspicuous hiding place for a gun that also provides quick access.

Paint cans blend in well with other household items, and they’re never going to be disturbed by guests.

False Walls

Depending on the layout of your home, false walls are a very creative way to hide a gun.

The best place for a false wall is a location where someone wouldn’t trip and fall into it by accident, such as a place above eye level.

There are plenty of good hiding places for guns.

These are just a few that could spark ideas for your specific home layout.

Think in terms of easy access, conspicuousness, and the probability that someone would accidentally stumble onto it.

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