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Beto O’Rourke Blamed A National Emergency On Something Jaw-Dropping

Beto O’Rourke Blamed A National Emergency On Something Jaw-Dropping

Beto O’Rourke

Democrats can no longer ignore the crisis taking place at the southern border.

They said Donald Trump was stoking fear when he declared illegal immigration a national emergency, but now they’re singing a different tune.

And presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke blamed the crisis on something truly shocking.

Illegal immigration has arguably become the most pressing issue in contemporary American politics.

Thousands and thousands of illegal aliens from Mexico, Central America, South America, and even Africa are flooding into the country non-stop.

Border Patrol simply does not have the resources to handle this massive flow of people, which is the left’s plan.

They want open borders, and they’re intent on overwhelming the immigration system to do it.

Left-wing activist groups are funding the endless waves of caravans, which explains why thousands of poor migrants from Africa are showing up at the southern border.

And the Democrats and their media allies are throwing gasoline on the fire with their insane rhetoric.

Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke is one of the worst offenders of making the immigration emergency worse.

O’Rourke once said he would tear down the existing border in El Paso.

Now he’s saying illegal aliens have no choice but to come to America because of climate change.

O’Rourke made the inane comments while pandering for votes in Florida.

“And we’ve got to remember that they are fleeing the deadliest countries on the face of the planet today compounded by drought that was caused not by God, not by mother nature, but by us, man-made climate change, our emissions, our excesses, our inaction in the face of the facts and the science,” O’Rourke said.

This is asinine.

Desert climates existed before industrialization, and not all illegal aliens are even coming from those areas.

O’Rourke continued, “When it is that deadly and when you’re unable to grow your own food to feed yourself, you have no choice but to come here.”

Again, O’Rourke is completely detached from reality.

Central American migrants aren’t bypassing a major developed metropolis like Mexico City because they can’t grow food.

They want to come to America for the freedom and the economic development that has sprung from it.

Also, the United States isn’t even the chief carbon emitter.

If O’Rourke and other Democrats were serious about climate change, they would be looking at China and India.

Despite the fact that Trump pulled out of the feckless and non-binding Paris Climate Accord, America still cut carbon emissions.

But O’Rourke and the Democrats aren’t serious.

They’re pandering for votes and making power plays for expanding government.

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O’Rourke is particularly desperate after his disastrous debate performance.

He found out the hard way that the left only liked him because he was running against a Republican in Texas.

Now that he’s failed in taking Ted Cruz’s Senate seat, liberals don’t have much use for O’Rourke.

He’s been reduced to pandering for votes by foolishly invoking climate change, randomly speaking Spanish during the first primary debate, and campaigning in Mexico.

O’Rourke’s floundering campaign is indicative of the entire Democrat Party.

They’re far less interested with the people who actually vote and pay taxes.

These tactics might play well among the socialists on the left, but the rest of America is watching.

Most Americans see the destruction the Democrats are promising, and they don’t want any of it.

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