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Best Places To Store Weapons In The Home

Best Places To Store Weapons In The Home


Leftists are on a crusade to ban all guns.

The harder it is to obtain a firearm, the harder it is to protect oneself, even in the home.

Before the gun grabbers get their wish, here are some helpful strategies for weapon storage in the home.

Department of Justice statistics show there are approximately 3.7 million household robberies per year, and 30% occur when someone is home.

That’s why it’s important to be prepared.

Crime reports show that the master bedroom is usually the primary target for a home invader, so it’s essential to have a least one gun there.

Storing guns in a fast box underneath the bed provides quick access if a break-in occurs while one’s sleeping.

Kitchens are often located next to a rear exit and home invaders are rarely interested in the kitchen, so a pantry would be a good place to store a gun in a small gun cabinet.

A guest bedroom is also a prudent place for a gun because home invaders would not expect to find valuables there.

This logic holds true for a closet near the front door.

The top targets for home invaders are the master bedroom, home office, living room, and dining room, so it’s best to make sure those aren’t the only locations where an easy-access gun is stored.

Small gun safes and fast boxes are convenient, but furniture with hidden compartments are becoming more popular.

For example, home security companies have bookshelves with detachable panels to hide weapons.

It’s not a bad idea to have an inconspicuous household item such as a bookshelf or cabinet double as a weapons cache.

Also, never tell anyone the amount or location of guns stored in the home.

That’s the type of information that emboldens home invaders and makes them more dangerous.

Leftists are under the assumption that more guns lead to more violent attacks, but the data do not support this argument.

In the book “More Guns, Less Crime,” gun rights advocates extensively researched gun ownership in America and showed the effects of gun control laws in every state over a 30-year span.

U.S. counties that enacted concealed-carry laws saw a reduction in violent crime.

Conversely, the full-on gun bans in foreign countries—such as England, Ireland, and Jamaica—led to higher rates of violent crime.

Despite the strict gun control, London recently surpassed New York City in murder rates for the first time.

Now London is foolishly considering banning cooking knives.

Strict gun control is a signal to criminals that their potential prey is unarmed.

This leads to higher rates of burglary and home invasion.

Thanks to the Second Amendment, Americans still have the right to secure their homes, but leftists are even attacking that.

Washington state is trying to push the harshest “red flag” laws ever seen.

If successful, government officials in Washington would be able to seize guns from parents if their children exhibit “red flag” behavior and the parents are unwilling to prove to the government they’re storing their weapons away from the home.

These are the types of tricks gun grabbers use to chip away at gun rights, which make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to protect their homes.



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  • If you store your weapons in your home and you get raided like Stone or Cohen you lose everything. Same with a fire, a government tactic to get you out of your house.
    Rent a store room to put most of your preps that are not in your bugout bag. Get one that is not indoors nor fenced in so you have other out possibilities. Never take your phone with you when you go there. It can store items that will not be compromised if seen in your house by “guests”.
    It needs to be enroute to a rally destination or a bugout location.
    It can be a place to delay if need be and you have camping gear available to sleep, water, food.
    This is your cache site…

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