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Be Careful When Using These Social Media Platforms. Are You Next To Be Banned?

Be Careful When Using These Social Media Platforms. Are You Next To Be Banned?

You’ve probably heard about the banning of Alex Jones’s social media pages by Facebook, Apple, Spotify, and YouTube, and there are many people applauding this action. After all, Jones is sensationalist, controversial, and given to conspiracy theories, and, given that he’s been putting out material like this for years, that’s unlikely to change.

The disturbing thing to consider is that these tech giants censor Jones, who most people would generally consider to be on the far right politically, but these same giants aren’t censoring material from other people which is downright offensive such as new New York Times editorial board member Sarah Jeong who called “white people” “dogs” and “goblins” and called for violence against them. Oh, and the New York Times is known for having a political viewpoint which does not lean to the right.

In fact, you know the situation with Facebook, Apply, Spotify, and YouTube is crazy and wrong when people who are completely opposed to Alex Jones’s political positions oppose the actions of these tech giants. For example, take recent comments by Noam Chomsky. Chomsky is an MIT professor and is open about his left-leaning politics (he advocates for a type of mini-socialism called anarcho-syndicalism). Chomsky recently wrote,

What I’ve seen of what [Alex Jones] does is outrageous, but unlike many civil libertarians here and especially in other countries, I don’t think that the right way to deal with “hate speech” and crazed fabrications is to ban them; rather, to confront them, and to seek and confront the reasons why anyone pays a moment’s attention to them.

Chomsky also said,

If you believe in freedom of speech, you believe in freedom of speech for views you don’t like.

I completely understand if people don’t like what Alex Jones says. There is no question that Jones intentionally pushes the envelope of what many Americans consider to be rational or realistic, and Jones has been labeled a conspiracy-theorist for his viewpoints. What these people supporting the censorship of Jones by these tech giants don’t seem to understand is that, when they are at odds politically with these tech giants, they could be next.

Frankly, if you want to maintain open communication lines with like-minded people, then you will want to make sure that you subscribe to the mailing list of sites that you like (such as this one. It’s in the upper right corner of this page.) and make sure that your email provider isn’t sending those emails to your spam folder.

And if you are talking openly about controversial subjects, then you will want to set up an email list that social media giants can’t ban so that you can continue to communicate with your family and with those who want to hear from you.



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  • At least Alex Jones is not out there like the brown shirt army of the communist a.k.a. Democrat party, beating people in the head with sticks running around like fags with masks on who i at least Alex Jones is not out there like the brown shirt army of the communist a.k.a. Democrat party, beating people in the head with sticks running around like frogs with masks and hoods on! If the right don’t start growing some BALZ we’re gonna lose this country to the communist party! The communist party is a party of elitist Marxist the elites do not get punished for any wrong and they do whatever they want or as the 99 1/2% or subject all the rules and no money.

  • AJ and his sidekick MA bans me for free speech using the completely legal and proper description to describe their “bl*cks” (ethnic lieberal slur) as NEGROES.

    These two snowflake BAN ME when they hear that TRIGGER word, but don’t mind PLASTERING their sites with the lieberal ethnic SLUR of “BL#CK” on them.

  • I will not Let A Buch of Fake Morons dictate to me what I say, believe or even think or what I Like or dislike . Screw Their “Political Correctness” Mantras nor wi9ll they push their deviate Behaviors on me . I don’t need “Social Networks ” as They are the ones running scared and Need To SPY On US You See They are an Election SHORT and 2 years BEHIND We No Longer Need Their Platforms To Gather “Our Steam” for the Mid Terms The Dumbasses Communist socialist Already Has Shown Their EVIL! We All See It! We All Feel It. We All Use Our Discernment in Masse now. Now Sit Back And Watch what the Mid Terms DO! I wonder what will be Released On The “Peoples Republic” Front To Really Turn Even their own against The ” TreasonousTraitors”?

  • I periodically check out Allex Jones; I like Jerome Corsi who is fairly accurate. These and many
    like Q are far more accuate news sites than CNN, CNBC, ABC and CBS. Even BBC has
    gotten much propaganda out. What does one expect from the CIA which funds most of this garbage!!!

  • look into Peter Storke who was a FBI/CIA Agent….how did he get away with that on USA soil?

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