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Barack Obama’s Deep State Is Doing One Thing That Should Have You Concerned

Barack Obama’s Deep State Is Doing One Thing That Should Have You Concerned

Barack Obama

American citizens must always be vigilant of growing state power.

When the state abuses its power, people need to shine a light on the constitutional violations.

But Barack Obama’s Deep State is quietly doing something that’s very concerning.

English historian Lord Acton famously said, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Though America’s Founding Fathers predated Lord Acton, they shared his beliefs on state power, so much so they created three branches of government.

The Founding Fathers believed that self-interested members of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches would check each other and make one branch didn’t seize too much power.

They intended for the legislature to be the strongest branch of government, but Congress has abdicated its responsibilities to the other executive and to the courts.

Progressives like Woodrow Wilson believe the president—the chief executive—should have as much power as possible, which is not only scary, but un-American.

Today, the executive branch has expanded far beyond its initial purview, and that’s resulted in many bureaus becoming militarized.

The practice accelerated greatly under Barack Obama.

Deep State bureaucrats, who were never elected, only answer to the president—unless they orchestrate a soft coup, which has been the case under Donald Trump.

Under Obama, suddenly agencies like EPA, Fish and Wildlife Service, the Department of Education, the FDA, and the Bureau of Land Management conducted SWAT-like raids.

In a particularly ugly incident, the Department of Education raided the home of Kenneth Wright early in the morning in search of his wife, who was accused of misusing federal student aid.

Wright’s three adolescent kids were detained in police cars while the Department of Education learned that their intended target was estranged from Wright and didn’t even live at the address.

Even departments like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Bureau of Public Debt and Small Business Administration, and the Smithsonian invested in firearms, body armor, bulletproof vests, and ammunition.

And due to a Supreme Court case that resulted in “Chevron deference,” many agencies are allowed to write their own regulations and police themselves.

This type of militarization of the executive branch is concerning on its own, but it’s even more concerning when leftists are constantly pushing for gun control.

Leftists want to limit citizens’ ability to defend themselves.

The Second Amendment was intended to be a safeguard against government tyranny.

Progressives—whose “new” ideas all come from 1848 via The Communist Manifesto—want to grow the state, and know it will be significantly easier if the public can’t defend itself.

These rabid leftists aren’t shy about what they’d do with absolute power.

If that horrific day ever comes, it’s best to be prepared.

Their collectivist ideas spurred the madness of the French Revolution, which ended with even the movement’s originators getting beheaded by the mob.

Every socialist movement has seen similar chaos and carnage.

State power is the number one threat to human liberty.

It’s imperative to make sure it doesn’t grow out of control.

The more people shine a light on what these agencies are doing, the less these deep state bureaucrats can get away with.



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  • If the 2nd Amendment is supposed to be a ‘safeguard’ against Gov’t tyranny, it sure as hell ain’t workin’! Trump IS not only a tyrannist, he’s a White Nationalist, a f**king BULLY, a narcissist, a LIAR, and a FRAUD. Whoever the idiot is that wrote this article and sent it to my email box has to know Trump’s days are numbered and the GOP is walking the plank! bye bye now

  • We cannot even begin to clean up the corruption unless we start indicting people, starting with Hillary and going down the list of those who lied to Congress. We still have a dirty FBI, DOJ, NSA, IRS, EPA, DOI and I could go on. Who doesn’t recognize this?


  • Bullsh*t, you are believing our enemies and that makes you part of the problem. President Trump is trying desperately to right the wrongs of Obama, the illegal President working with the terrorists to destroy America. You need an education in what is true. I pity you because you know not what you do!

  • It’s time for all people to stop buying into the anti-Trump BS and start thinking for themselves., Ask yourself if he is so bad and evil, why is he doing such a great job of making things better for us, despite the fact that he has so many organizations that want to get Hillary/ Obama government back into power. They are trying to overthrow a fairly elected President who has done more for us then any other President. Why does George Soros the Jew hater, Obama and his secret group, Media Matters, Southern Law Poverty Group, Bilderberg, Antifa, and so many worldwide groups I can’t even think of them all right now, want Obama’s Anti American thugs back in charge of America? All for ONE WORLD ORDER! A POVERTY NATION, LAWLESS AND HELPLESS WITHOUT ARMS TO PROTECT ITSELF! That’s the plan of the Democrats who are not Democrats anymore!

  • When exposed those Deep State participants need to be arrested and tried for Sedition and Treason … then hanged by the neck till DEAD ! Make every execution a public affair ! Let the World watch us clean house !

  • You need to stop Lying for those that are Traitors in the Liberal Camp for it is they that are committing Sedition ! Obama is the FRAUD … you must love Barry the Fairy from the Chicago Bath House … did he give you a B- job ?

  • I do believe ya got that twisted. “C
    onduct or speech inciting people to REBEL against the authority of a state or monarch.” Now Trump Is NOT a KING nor a Monarch, but he sure knows how to incite violence ALL around the WORLD, most recently in New Zealand. He’s not doing to well in North Korea either 🙂 I suggest you find shelter in an abandoned coal mine, but try not to breath to much of that toxic black dust. I hear it kinda kills ya~

  • It seemed like our last supposed leader was trying to destroy our economy because it looked like he was doing his darnedous to just do everything he thought would cause a lot of trouble but he did not do enough before he was ousted from the office of Presidency before it could happen and NOT a republican has taken his place and started to dismember everything he did and try to do things to get the DEEP STATE out of our government and to set our government back on the path to a better government and a better way of life.

  • Why do you blame Trump for everything that happens in the world? That is hard for me to understand.

  • Everything Barack Obama did as president to set our country back was very concerning.
    Everything he does now should equally be very concerning.

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