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Avoid These Places at all Costs if You’re in the City When Disaster Strikes

Avoid These Places at all Costs if You’re in the City When Disaster Strikes

It will be difficult to think straight if a momentous societal collapse takes place when you’re in an urban area.

Suddenly logic goes out the window and emotion rules the day, it’s important to have procedures in place ahead of time.

Here are some places that must be avoided if disaster strikes when you’re in the city.

It’s critical to have a bug-out location for when the SHTF.

Many people might have a spot outside city limits, such as a cabin in the woods.

However, maybe you haven’t had time to secure and build up a place in a secluded area.

Maybe you got stuck in the city before you got a chance to bug-out.

If either of these scenarios unfolds, attempting to survive in the city will be a tall task.

Here are a few places that should be avoided at all costs.

Upper Levels of Buildings

Unless bottom floors are completely untenable due to flooding or other calamities, avoid the top floors.

The upper levels are invariably the weakest, and they’re the most difficult from which to escape.


Schools aren’t good options because people with bad intent understand that they’re soft targets with very limited natural defenses.

Also, many schools have crumbling infrastructure that could be a big problem if a disaster strikes.


This might seem counterintuitive because of the supplies hospitals have on hand, but hospitals present a lot of the same challenges as schools.

Also, looters and marauders are thinking the same thing when it comes to supplies.

You could be putting yourself in a soft target that almost certainly would be hit.

And if the SHTF, the safeguards against disease and illness would not be as robust.

All kinds of pathogens could spread.

Public Gathering Locations (Malls)

Regardless of the type of catastrophe, malls will almost assuredly be targeted.

And when people get in large groups of people, their morality has a frightening tendency to fall away and join in on mob rule.

It’s very easy to get stampeded in a chaotic situation in a crowded space.

Places with See-through Doors and Windows.

While glass buildings may look beautiful, they aren’t much good when the SHTF.

They’re notoriously vulnerable to outside attack, and they provide very little cover for predatory eyes.

And if you cover up the doors and windows, that’s a clear sign to people that someone is inside.

That could be inviting danger.

Crisis Camps

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You might think that temporary camps would bring people together in solidarity.

While that may be true, you can never discount predators.

Any place with resources becomes a target of those who wish to do harm.

And when disaster strikes, you must be extra vigilant in big groups.

Everyone becomes a potential threat, and rule of law has likely broken down, so there isn’t much recourse if you’re victimized.

High-Traffic Areas

If disaster descends on society, everyone will invariably think of jumping in their car and driving away.

While this may be a smart move, it can become a disaster if you don’t bug-out early.

Gridlock will almost assuredly happen, and depending on the nature of the emergency, quarantine could be on the table.

The last place you want to be in is a bottleneck on a crowded street where there’s no place for you to go.

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