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Guess the Everyday Item That Every Prepper Should Stockpile – But Almost None Do

Guess the Everyday Item That Every Prepper Should Stockpile – But Almost None Do

You probably have all kinds of useful items in your bug out bag from clothing to first aid kits to weapons to cooking utensils to tools for starting fires or making shelter. But you probably don’t have this one item stored away in your BOB:

Aluminum foil.

Don’t laugh. You probably haven’t thought about the incredibly wide variety of uses for aluminum foil that can ease the difficulty that you go through in a SHTF situation.

What kind of uses, you say? I’m glad you asked. You can use foil for such uses as:

  • Directing sunlight towards your seedlings to help your survival garden grow
  • Hang strips near your plants to scare birds and pests away with the reflected light and metallic sound
  • Protect your hands from burning when holding a candle
  • Keep things dry by wrapping items in several layers of foil
  • As a self-contained cooking “dish” by wrapping food in foil and put it in the hot coals
  • Make a funnel
  • For cleaning in a similar way as steel wool

Once you’ve stopped laughing and taken some time to really think about it, I’m sure you’ll think of even more uses, but the point is that aluminum foil is incredibly useful for all kinds of purposes. And, therefore, you should have some in your BOB. (Read more here.)

What other unlikely items do you keep in your BOB? Tell us below.



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  • yes Aluminum foil and toilet paper,,,,,, aluminum foil get the Reynolds wrap for the grill
    type,,, if your store don’t have it,,ask them to get it ,, or find a store that does,,, this
    amazing stuff for grill or open fire… and buy at least a dozen rolls,,, keep it stock up..
    your wife if she finds out about this doubled your stock,,, non stick on one side,
    yoo yah,,,semper…

  • You can make a bowl or cooking pot. If you are somewhere lost and you want to be found, use it like a mirror to reflect the sun.

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