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Are You Ready For These 12 Events?

Are You Ready For These 12 Events?

It’s very easy to think of needing to prepare for a SHTF situation for one or two reasons such as an economic collapse causing a societal collapse (think the Great Depression) or another Hurricane Katrina situation, and these are worth preparing for. But did you realize that there are at least twelve different scenarios that you should consider preparing for so that you can be prepared for as many potential situations as possible?

With that in mind, here is a list of twelve events that at least one writer thinks that you should consider preparing for (with our commentary):

1. EMP – Many people don’t even consider this event, but this is one of the scariest scenarios. An EMP is a type of bomb that disrupts all energy-based systems in an area. Keep in mind that this isn’t just about a lack of power but also a lack of ability communicate (think no phone lines, no internet, no radio waves, nothing). No power and no communication means healthcare isn’t happening in hospitals. It means no cars starting. This means being completely alone and isolated.

2.  Cyber Attack – Many are speculating that the U.S.’s power grid is vulnerable to cyber attack, but the problems go beyond that. Our society is based on computers, so any threat to computers threatens utilities, commerce, communication. This could be a huge problem.

3.  Wildfire – This one is pretty straightforward: You don’t want to die from burns or smoke inhalation, and you need to find food after the fire devastates the are that you are in.

4.  Contamination of the Public Water Supply – No clean water means satisfying your body’s need for water could cause you to poison yourself along the way. You have to be able to purify water.

5.  Economic Collapse – Economic collapse leads to societal collapse. Lack of business means lack of work for most people (who don’t know how to be self-sufficient or start businesses) which leads to desperate people and could also lead to collapse of infrastructure such as basic utilities.

6.  Hurricane, Tornado, or Windstorm – Self-explanatory. Know how to avoid these as much as possible and survive them if you can’t avoid them. And then be able to survive in the aftermath. Remember Hurricane Katrina and learn from that tragedy.

7.  Earthquake – My advice: Move where this is unlikely, but, if you insist on staying in California, know how to live through another 1906 or 1989 San Francisco earthquake.

8.  Pandemic – A pandemic is a widespread outbreak of disease which is often caused by a lack of even basic medical care. Have ways to treat infections and fight off viruses, including basic sanitation, built into all of your survival plans.

9.  Nuclear Accident – If you live (relatively) near a nuclear power plant, be ready to deal with the radiation sickness and exposure of a nuclear accident.

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10.  Civil Unrest and Riots – All of the other scenarios could cause this scenario. Desperate people do scary and dangerous things. You must be able to protect your family and, ideally, either hole up until the violence passes or leave the area quickly, quietly, and without detection.

11.  Prolonged Drought – No water equals a lot of starving people. Scary, but true. You need to have a way to deal with this, including being able to leave that stricken area.

12.  Terrorist Attack or War – Besides the immediate effect of violence, there is the long-term potential for societal lockdown that this scenario brings. You need to have a plan to deal with it.

So, there you have it: twelve scenarios to prepare for in your SHTF planning. Are there any other scenarios that you would plan for, and how will you prepare for any of these? Tell us below.

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  • I think you missed a very likely event. I am old enough to remember a truckers strike that resulted in a fuel shortage. It could be caused by transportation (strike, pipeline, bridge issues etc) or something like refineries damage. That would also shut down food supply then about everything else.

  • deanes, you’re sooo right! And also! There’s the horribly likely Societal collapse…which RAPIDLY spawns a Civil War, which then spawns the Balkinizaton of North America!

    These two ALONE will guarantee the utter destruction of Social order…Which MEANS that (as Preppers), you’ll NEED to know WHICH way “outta here”!…AND, which “TEAM” you’ve determined you’ll be on!

    I agree with deanes, that these two ALSO are worthy of PRAYERFUL thought & planning! Once the “COLLAPSE” begins, you’ll have ROUGHLY 48 to 72 hours to get to where ever & WITH WHOMEVER you need to be!

    Establish PLANS for BOTH a vehicle “exfil”, AND, (more likely), a foot “exfil”…Have a map or two, and several “back routes”, {NEVER, EVER expect to go by Interstate, unless you are leaving BEFORE the collapse, {Societal OR economic}…and EVEN THEN, it’s “IFFY”!!


  • If you don’t believe in God and/or don’t read/believe the Bible, read no further.

    The Revelation speaks of “a great mountain burning with fire” being thrown into the sea. Imagine a meteorite/asteroid 1/2 mile in diameter landing in the Atlantic at 70k mph. You’ve probably read about a supposed similar occurrence causing the extinction of the dinosaurs. Think about it. IF you survive the shock, infrastructure won’t. Dams around the world will burst (floods, no more hydroelectric power, etc.). Skyscrapers will tumble, not just fall straight down. Highways and railroads will be shattered – no transportation – except for aircraft in the air, but where will they land? Earthquakes worldwide. Volcanoes like never seen before by man.
    Just a little something to think about. Have a nice day.

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