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Are You Prepared For The Fallout of This Election?

Are You Prepared For The Fallout of This Election?

This election (2016) is probably the strangest, most vicious, and downright mean election that I can recall. Candidates have been outright rude and mean to each other. Supporters of each candidate have been insulting and cruel towards each other, and that is aside from the physical assaults and destruction of private property that seems to have become almost commonplace during this election cycle.

But, if you think that it’s been bad, wait until you see what is likely to happen come November 9th and after.

Mike Adams has been analyzing cultural and political trends and outcomes for years, and he has a rather bleak outlook about how our nation will fare with this election. If you’re ready for your skin to crawl, read his prediction about this:

“My ANALYSIS of possible outcomes from the upcoming presidential election reveals that America only has a 5% chance of remaining peaceful after November 8. This does not mean the violence will occur on November 9th, but rather that events will be set into motion on that day which will lead to an escalation of violence.

95% chance of violence. 95%.

Now, notice that he did not say that this chance of violence was if Hillary wins the popular vote. He did not say that this violence will happen if Trump wins the popular vote. He did not say that this would happen if one candidate or the other wins the electoral college or if Obama declares martial law (which some people are concerned about).

He said this is likely to happen no matter who wins simply because some people who are prone to violence (and, yes, there are those who are committing assaults supporting both major party candidates in this election) are going to be infuriated because their political choice did not win.

So, the question is: how do you prepare for this situation?

First of all, stay calm. Riots may not occur on November 9th. Even if they do, if you freak out, you won’t make rational decisions to protect yourself and your family. Also, you don’t want to do anything rash and stupid that will get you in trouble with the law.

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Second, if you don’t have a firearm and if you haven’t spent a lot of time getting safe, comfortable, and accurate with that weapon, then you need to take your gun out to a gun range and learn how to care for your weapon, learn how to use it, and use it repeatedly over multiple visits to the range to get comfortable with it.

Third, learn unarmed self-defense. I’m not talking about a martial art that trains for the purpose of competitions. There is nothing wrong with those martial arts; it’s just that you will do what you have trained to do when under stress (like when you are attacked). You don’t want to train to hold back to prevent being disqualified in a competition. You need to train so that you can do the damage if, God forbid, you have to do it.

How do you plan on preparing for the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential election? Tell us below.

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