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Are You On This Government Watch List?

Are You On This Government Watch List?

A 2009 report by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) called “The Modern Militia Movement” may have you on their list. Keep in mind that this list was provided to law enforcement for the purpose of enabling them with Homeland Security.

Which could be fine, except that the report confuses people who want to be left alone with people who want to oppress or kill other people. The report mentions the anti-tax documentary “America: Freedom to Fascism” by Aaron Russo (who was Jewish) in the same breath as “The Turner Diaries” by William Luther Pierce, was was the leader of National Alliance, a white nationalist organization. Unlike MIAC, I don’t think that these two would have been close friends. says:

“According to MIAC, opposition to world government, NAFTA, federalization of the states, and restrictive gun laws are a threat to the police. ‘The militia subscribes to an anti-government and NWO mindset, which creates a threat to law enforcement officers. They view the military, National Guard, and law enforcement as a force that will confiscate their firearms and place them in FEMA concentration camps,’ the document claims in a section entitled ‘You are the Enemy.’”

So, what is a peaceful lover of freedom supposed to do? I suggest that freedom lovers not seek to violently overthrow the government, but to be ready to disappear. Be ready to bug out, should the situation arise, so that you can take your family and live a life where you are left alone by an oppressive and encroaching government.

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