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Are You On This Government Watch List?

Are You On This Government Watch List?

A 2009 report by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) called “The Modern Militia Movement” may have you on their list. Keep in mind that this list was provided to law enforcement for the purpose of enabling them with Homeland Security.

Which could be fine, except that the report confuses people who want to be left alone with people who want to oppress or kill other people. The report mentions the anti-tax documentary “America: Freedom to Fascism” by Aaron Russo (who was Jewish) in the same breath as “The Turner Diaries” by William Luther Pierce, was was the leader of National Alliance, a white nationalist organization. Unlike MIAC, I don’t think that these two would have been close friends. says:

“According to MIAC, opposition to world government, NAFTA, federalization of the states, and restrictive gun laws are a threat to the police. ‘The militia subscribes to an anti-government and NWO mindset, which creates a threat to law enforcement officers. They view the military, National Guard, and law enforcement as a force that will confiscate their firearms and place them in FEMA concentration camps,’ the document claims in a section entitled ‘You are the Enemy.’”

So, what is a peaceful lover of freedom supposed to do? I suggest that freedom lovers not seek to violently overthrow the government, but to be ready to disappear. Be ready to bug out, should the situation arise, so that you can take your family and live a life where you are left alone by an oppressive and encroaching government.

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  • A most crude response to your question might be couched in the following terms. FUCK’M WHERE THEY BREATH

  • We will not give in to these corrupt governments, I believe that the American people and other countries will get enough and do away with this government or Jesus will come back and destroy these arrogant thugs as he said he will and he will.

  • Article pretends to tell folks who’s on the list. Click here….. No names. BS I’m removing my name from your email list.

  • It really makes me sick. I AM A VET (US>ARMY”69-“73) and like so many others, feel AMERICA is lost.I some times think when I was kid and look today and come close to crying because the people in government are so CORRUPT and just plain EVIL as the REST OF THE WORLD live to take ‘US’ down, as if “WE” were the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. AMERICANS want peace,love, a good steady job, A FAMILY and MOST ALL the RIGHTS GOD gave us and OUR fore FATHERS fought for. It TRULY SUCKS that such ideas today mean we are TERRORIST

  • Bug out,escape to where? Where can you go where this oppressive govt can not find you if they want to? They have all the technology, satellites,drones,helicopters,jets,infrared,thermal, nightvision, ground penetrating radar, spy planes, special forces,troops, I mean they got it all, so where are we going to hide,be protected,fed, watered, housed, clothed,medical,that the govt can not find us?

  • Another link to click. And still no list of names. Article is deceptive. I have removed my name from your email list.

  • If you REALLY think hiding out somewhere will keep you safe, read 1984. And remember, the spying technology has advanced TREMENDOUSLY since the book was written. The only way to keep America safe is to stand up for the country. Although I fear that will never happen as long as people can get ‘FREE’ phones. All the government has to do to keep the masses in line is to entertain them. Let them watch a few Christians being fed to the lions, burn few and see that they have a crust of bread. It don t even have to be a whole slice any more.

  • I think it’s pretty “liberal-like” of this site to ask us “are you on the list,” then provide absolutely NO WAY to find out!! If there really is a list, prove it and provide it or STFU!

  • Why would we want to disappear? Maybe for a little while but only to regroup, organize, plan, prepare and then strike! This is our country and my family has always fought to defend it! All the way back to the American Revolution! I’ll be damned if I’m gonna sit back and hide while these people steal it from us!! Patriots to the front!! Wolverines!!!

  • I clicked a link that strongly implied that I could find out if I was on the list here. So where is it?

  • Funny isn’t it.. America use to be where people went to feel safe………………………………….

  • Bugging out (or fleeing) is exactly what the Christians are being forced to do in places where ISIS is taking control. How well is that working? Good thing our Founding Fathers didn’t just bug out!

  • Bug out my ass…. I’m staying put, and ANYBODY that tries to boot my door in will find it to be the last one they ever get near except the door to HELL!!!

  • I am Retired Navy, and I will Hold my Ground. I live in the Communist State of Maryland and Don’t think I’ll have to wait long for em to come my way. I am more concerned that if Martial Law is Declared by this Idiot in the White house, is Folks comming after My Family’s and my food Guns, ammo or otherwise. The martial Law, HLS, or UN Troops Do Not Scare me at all. The Lack of Water and Food bother me. Stock up the Water and Food folks, I Believe there is a War comming to Our Own Country once agin, at the Rate Obamass is Importing Muslims at an enormus amount. I have dealt with these people for 21 years while in the Navy, and they have One Agenda, Kill Americans, Christians, Jews, Catholics. Be very Watchful of these Muslims, They’ll Lie to Your Face and sat they are Peaceful. Get more Info, Read a Koran, it will Wise up Non Military Folks. We, from the Military Know what thier Game is. I am Retired All together, 62, and I will Not Run, How Many of You are with me. 🙂

  • There is no ‘bugging out’ or ‘disappearing’ in the current modern fully functional police state. Doesn’t matter where you go, no place is so remote, so off the path that the state can’t track and find you over time. It may take a few weeks or months but they will find you. There IS NO HIDING. People who wish to live life free and on their own terms have two choices…..fight and either win or die or surrender and be a slave or die. Those are the ONLY choices available. As long as you are in a modern industrial country like the USA THERE IS NO HIDING

  • Okay, I’ll bite. Bug out and go where?
    Name one place that the government doesn’t own such as BLM, National Park, and almost any uninhabited land here in the U.S. They have spy satellites over head that watch us 24/7/365. If you have a cell phone or even a car made since 2001, it has a black box in it to track you with. The United States was the last stop to run to for freedoms, rights and liberties, with that all shot to hell, were are we supposed to run to? Mexico? I guess we could wait for all the Mexicans to come into the U.S. and run down there and hide ( being sarcastic). Like the old statement the cops use to say about the police radios they had. ” You can run but you can’t hide, and you can’t out run a radio “. Well folks it’s a lot worse now since that statement was popular. So, If anyone knows of a place to escape or run to now that the last Bastille of freedom is now on it’s death bed, let me know.
    As for me, I think I’ll just stay were I am. and defend what I have.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • Like someone once said. One man’s terrorists, is another man’s patriot. I guess we are in good company. The schools now are teaching our kids that the Boston Tea Party patriots were nothing more than terrorists against England. But then again turn on the politically correct crud filter and it all boils down to being a patriot frighting for you life, liberties, freedoms and rights. I took an oath when I was 18 years old, to protect and defend the constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. The way I see it, there isn’t and expiration date stamped on the back of the Constitution, therefore there is no expiration date on that Oath I took all those decades ago.

  • Not right to falsify your site by not providing what you say. I’m on a list! It’s called Jesus’s book of life and i know my name is there. What can man do to me? It has been and always will be for God and country! Help us Father!

  • It appears the author of this article is advocating that we all prepare to bug out somewhere outside the country! Why else would he/she state, “I suggest that freedom lovers not seek to violently overthrow the government, but to be ready to disappear. Be ready to bug out, should the situation arise, so that you can take your family and live a life where you are left alone by an oppressive and encroaching government.”? How are you going to accomplish “. . . living a life where you are left alone by an opressive and encroaching government.” if you are still within the continental U.S.”?

    As for me, I prefer to stay and fight for what is mine – not run and hide. I may seek a secure, undisclosed location where I can join with others of a like mind to gather, plan, and operate from; but, I’ll be damned if I’ll abandon the country to the likes of those we are opposed by. I didn’t choose to retire in this country instead of a foreign location to now abandon it to these scum.

  • I think if your looking, you should know then. By my stander there is no running.Maybe regrouping with other like minded people, but at the same , if there’s going to be war. They are going to conquer and divide. Which we are now. It will happen with no notice and the news won’t be reporting it. And if they truly worried about you, you will never know, cause a drone will take you before you can get to anything, or bug out. Then it will be clean up. Just by being here its probably one of there tricks to see who bites and read comments.

  • Guess I’m on the list of those who couldn’t find the list in the title. SNAFU! SullyB3, I’m with you, also a vet. (’68 – ’70 ARMY) who will NOT stand by when BHO sends the troops. The feds can look me up anytime they want (class 3 owner). Muslims or niggers, don’t matter to a 9MM.

  • My wife and I are both veterans with over thirty years of active duty service. We are really concerned about what this Progressive movement is doing. We do our best to stay in a low profile even NOY going to the VA for medical benefits. We earned it but it is too risky if you want to maintain your privacy and guns. We spend hours practicing with a large variety of weapons, reloading and planning. We refuse to be referred to as criminals for loving America and being willing to defend it as sworn in our oath of service. I know that we are not alone and that if things turn to crap there will be enough preparedness to make it all worth while.

  • It is a shame we now live in a country where our government cares more about its illegals then the true Americans that obey our laws, It now seems that they are letting in more and more criminals to take over this country! Just look around and you will see that we now have 15-20 million illegals running around this once great nation, And just how many of these illegal aliens are in gangs and ready to spark violence in a second? And the Government has Americans on a list checking us out, This is the same government/ Obama that left our borders wide open for months while he had our border patrol changing diapers on the illegal baby’s that where brought into our country, And none of us know just how many terrorist crossed our border while it was left unprotected, This government/ Obama has a lot of nerve to put us on a list when they allowed the real terrorist the means and time to invade this land, No wonder the rest of the world is now laughing at the USA,

  • If I am the Enemy of this Fascist Take-over in the US, then I am in good company and shall make such an end, as to be worthy of rememberance! The Hollywood and Washington Elites are clueless as to what Hell, we Combat Veterans have in store for them Rambo was Fiction we are for real!!

  • I’m a target of this operation! And yes it feels just like terrorism, torment and torchure. Homeland security clearance hackers have electronically destroyed me. I have been assaulted twice since this Cointelpro entered into my life. Counter Threat Institute, I thought could help but find out they are apart of it. Terrorism against American citizens and law enforcement with destroy your life.

  • All I want is my life back from these people. I want to be left alone! I am ashamed at any American that would do this just for the sake of torment by a government!

  • The one and only promise kept by the big Zero, to fundamentally change America. Hitlery will be BO on steroids. If she gets “elected” the transition will be completed to make us the largest progressive, fascist-socialist, corrupt, atheist nation on Earth, the District of Corruption may be renamed New Babylon.

  • Democrats and Rinos have been in control of this country for 60 years…It is their fault!

  • I’m with you. Obama has decided not to supply police dept’s across the country with military style high powered weapons. What that tells me is he plans to declare martial law and doesn’t want the police to fight back. Same reason he’s pulling ammo and gun rights from legal citizens.

  • I was in the military during the same years, please be careful because the maggots in the DHS, NSA, CIA, FBI are watching all of us because we were trained and know how to handle situations during war, and they don’t want us around screwing up there one world government Bull shit. so watch around you at all times for any thing you might see suspicious. just like they are watching us, we surely are watching them and even at night when these pieces of human trash come and try to enter your home. I have been in contact with my friends to let them be aware as to what is going on.

  • There are a LOT of US just like you bro. I’ve wept for our USA many times seeing what these evil people are doing – twisting us around their newly defined enemies of the USA – they are the enemies of the Constitution and therefore our FREEDOM, not US. I’m not a terrorist just because I’m a vet – but the twisted control freaks use that word to paint a distorted picture of us as if the rest of America doesn’t have a brain cell left to think on our own!, I’ve never hurt a person in my entire life (except for one guy who was looking at my girl friend wrongly and got out of his car and picked a fight). WE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM – those in gov’t who love themselves are – funny how liars twist truth into distortion. Jesus said something about the father of lies – and he hates the fact GOD our Creator gave us our RIGHTS, some of which are articulated in our Constitution. I LOVE OUR CONSTITUTION! And our Founders. The collectivists are here. They need a harsh lesson – and they will get it one way or another – what goes around comes back around – not a single human being gets away from that one. Bring it on Lord Jesus.

  • Sovereign – ditto here – decades ago but the nwo pigs are pretty sure they have everyone duped. don’t know what would happen if they start going door to door to “take our weapons away” – because last I looked there are a lot of FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS who are not going to just lay down to despots which the people doing all the name calling and intimidating are. Power loving creeps with no regard for decent people. Case in point the dhs has “no hesitation targets”. If you don’t know what they are I think google still shows pics – will make you sick. My oath of enlistment has no expiration date – would rather die defending our nation and heritage and FREEDOM – did someone forget that word? – than bow down to elite bull dog foot soldiers. That’s who will do the dirty work while the smarteleks with all the money sit back and watch – as always thru history – like Hitler in the Alps while his nightmare came down – but they all seem to die given enough years, just like the rest of us, so they too will meet their Maker – imagine that. George Soros with all his money looks as old as he is……

    Long live our Republic and remember what Thomas Jefferson said if the shtf – the gov’t will cause it – we won’t – we’re just busy raising our kids and working, but we’re not stupid either: “The tree of liberty needs to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”.

  • I know exactly what targets you are talking about targets showing an old grand dad with a shotgun, a pregnant woman holding a handgun, a young boy about 12 holding a handgun and there are others. Strange thing about it is they are all everyday run of the mill Americans. Not one of them are a ” radical ” muslim or other race.

  • yup – those are the targets. No “terrorists” there. Pregnant moms? Young kids. And we’re going to lay down to let them take us? Really? Sounds like what ISIS targets…….I say NOT ON OUR WATCH. I wonder who’s web site this is – the article is rather pointless except for provoking conversations. Look any man will protect his family. So when good is made to be evil, evil reigns and when evil comes for my family well i’ll die protecting them. Good decent Americans will all team up very quickly when they start doing what they were training to do. I’ve been all over my “reps” for quite a while. Living here in NY our gov cuomo pushed thru a “law” that is unconstitutional – he wanted every person with a semiautorifletoregisterthembutveryfewhavedoneso. seems civil disobedience is sending a message but he’s so dug into un agenda21 he can’t think as a true American. DESPOTS everywhere, yet last I looked the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. So we will RESIST tyranny, and see things for what they are based on our Founders. I love talking with my American brothers!

  • And isn’t it sad we have to think this way? But who perpetrated this garbage? Who? Ever since 911 the word “terrorist” has been used to bring fear to Americans so we’ll allow just about anything under the assumption it’s “keeping America safe”. Maybe it is, but I see something glaring. “They” have not secured the southern border. Wouldn’t that be step ONE if they really wanted to stop terrorists? Instead they call us VETS “potential terrorists”. That was said by Janet Napelatano’s DHS “report” while they were buying all those 40 cal bullets to use in their 40 cal sub machine guns…..what’s up with that? Where did these people come from? Who’s behind them? What do they want? NWO? To usher in what? A serdom system globally? Really do they think everyone will just lay down? Oh yea re-education camps that’s right. Now I remember. The nwo foot soldiers will have to be really turned on to the nwo because they will bleed as much as anyone and what will they have when they have taken apart this beautiful USA? To take freedom down? Really? THE CONSTITUTION – THAT IS AMERICA. NOTHING LESS. There is no way you can run away “to live your life away from an oppressive government”. That’s absurd. All we can do is work together to form functional communities with resources to care for victims of oppression, whatever the form.

  • Of course we’re with you – we are like minded us vets in the US. We are the leaders. I’m in good shape but getting older too. But I can and will defend our nation. I hope some gov’t creep reads this post and gets all heated up about the verbage from commentors. I really think so many of them are just useless information gatherers who don’t have a life of their own and love to tattle tale on people who are serious about our LOVE FOR OUR USA. I’m sick of reading gov’t reports saying people like me are a problem. Really? If I am, then the truth is a lie. I’ve worked all my life, raised respectful kids, 2 who served our country (one on nuke subs, the other US Army Infantry), paid my taxes and I NEVER COMMITTED A CRIME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE (well a speeding ticket or 2). Nor have my kids. And they say I’m a problem? I am in the communist state of NY – so I know what you are saying and of course gov cuomo talked about “confiscating rifles is an option” after “Sandy Hook” but who was he going to get to do that? I didn’t see any volunteers in the state police. They want our rifles – 5 of which were used in violent crime according to fbi 2012 stats. I didn’t look up 2013 or 14 stats but I’m sure they are the same because people who are killing with guns are not law abiding citizens (a duh) and they are using stolen/illegally obtained handguns. Meanwhile politicians are a joke with their “anti gun” positions. What a JOKE so many of our politicians are.

    thanks for your post. Yes there are many like minded everywhere who love our country and aren’t waiting for the gov’t to take care of them. Imagine that.

  • is it not sad that we have come to this juncture in the U.S., and still many people are living in some kind of weird and strange stupor not knowing or being entirely deceived of what is just about to come upon them. They have been sucked into the multiculturalism dystopia and never knowing it will be there downfall when the megalomaniac in the white house gives the final charge on all true freedom loving Americans.To coin a verse from the Old Testament scriptures, as Joshua said to the Israelites in the desert: For me and my house we will serve the Lord. While many of the Jews did not, they dishonored the Lord and detested true freedom, they wanted to return to there slavemasters in Egypt..There is no difference in America at this moment, people love to be slaves by vicious, evil rulers or a cruel bureaucracy that has been well heeled over the last 40 years against people of freedom and patriotism. The well has been poisoned and the waters in America have become bitter, and the people will suffer when it comes.

  • You see,a person likes you is ripe for extraction under there new and illegal laws they have secretly enacted. they hate you for the life you made for yourself and your family, they hate you and anyone like you, In the new America we have become the problem to them, because they cannot control us through the bastardized bureaucracy our evil leaders have brought upon us through the many years, and that includes Both parties. They have already begun to think evil thoughts about us and when they believe they fully have the upper hand, they will strike at us. but it wont go the way these evil thinkers believe, it will go very bad for them and anyone who sides with them.

  • The terrlorist is in the White House and is head of ISIS as well…So we are the enemies of the Caliphate in the White House….they said they would put their flag up there…O does not believe in flags, at least not ours or it would be up now…so far it is still the Damn American flag that Moosehlle complained about and will not salute…We did it to ourselves when we kicked God out and made scriptures hate speech…Now only Godly people are on their list…The enemies go free…I hear Kerry broke his leg…That is convenient for us…maybe it will move up the body.

  • Seems to follow if the person does not have our true and living God they should not be able to take our oath…Like Obama did and did on the Bible but to Allah…cannot be legal.

  • There are some great Charter Schools with Christian teachers and they do a good job and have good teachers much better than if I tried to teach my own kids…

  • O has already met his devil and is very loyal to him…Wait until he stands before the real God at the White Throne…He might just give a real girlie faint.

  • There are roads around my city that if you go down them you do not come back…That is where the folk have prepared to avoid the POS in charge and his kind…well his kind is femminine, but you know what I mean…We never go down there…There are many other spots in these hills that are just like it.

  • I took that same oath in 1959 – writing a blank check for everything I have, up to and including my life, defending America and the constitution. The country I love has deteriorated into the USSA – the United Socialist States of Amerika. This is no longer the America that I knew and loved! I am still loyal to my oath and The Constitution, but that may get me shot by Obama and his jackboots. Check your history – about 75 years ago – Adolph Hitler did the same thing. God help us!

  • 41647 700588Nicely picked details, numerous thanks towards the author. It is incomprehensive in my experience at present, however in common, the convenience and importance is mind-boggling. Regards and all of the very best .. 176477

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