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Are You An Apple User? Then You Are Under Surveillance

Are You An Apple User? Then You Are Under Surveillance

Apple product users have long thought that they were safe, or at least safer than Windows users, from unwanted hacks, attacks, and government intrusions because of Apple’s efforts at security.

They may not feel that way now.

Because the CIA has put special effort into hacking into Apple products, especially iPads and iPhones.

Now, why would our government do this? Do they really think that Apple users should be special targets for government intrusion and surveillance? Do they think that Apple users are more dangerous than non-Apple users?

That is doubtful. What the government really wants is to watch every move that you make, as the NSA already showed to us, because, if they can track every text that we send, every phone call that we make, if they can access our mobile devices with the GPS component, then they can profile us and track us.

But Windows users shouldn’t feel safe, either. According to The Intercept:

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Other presentations at the CIA conference have focused on the products of Apple’s competitors, including Microsoft’s BitLocker encryption system, which is used widely on laptop and desktop computers running premium editions of Windows.

Evidence of the police state? Stalin only dreamed of this level of access and control of the populace.

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  • NOTHING is beyond govt.snooping,intruding,harrasing,intimdating and putting the American people in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All for YOUR safety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Old news, this has been going on for about 6 years, there is ways around it, A very important thing to remember, how data bases work, So garbage in, garbage out. using public WiFi’s, a or none registered computers, No name matching a MAC address, encrypted email, makes the intel gathered DOA, and SOL.

  • To minimize Big Brother’s ability to snoop on your Apple devices, 2 major deterrents are important to install on both OS X & iOS devices:

    1. A VPN that masks your IP address, & uses one of the VPN vendor’s IP addresses as a proxy; it then securely transmits the information to the VPN software on your OS X or iOS device, which decodes it & delivers it to your inbox.

    2. A secure search engine that also masks your IP address with one of its own, so no one can tell which websites you search for, nor that you visit them. The best search engine of this type that I’ve found is StartPage, which is free of charge, & also offers an optional 2nd proxy to activate during the search to prevent the website you visit from knowing your true IP address; the website thinks the IP used by StartPage is your address. For speed & best presentation of the website’s info, it’s advisable to abstain from using the optional proxy, but if you want to remain 100% anonymous while visiting the site, you should use the optional proxy.

    Though StartPage is free, many VPNs charge a moderate fee to subscribers. I would not use a free one, as I’d fear it was being offered by and/or monitored by the NSA or some other Big Brother team of snoops. My recommended VPN is Hotspot Shield Elite (HSSELITE).

    The aforementioned systems function on most other platforms as well as OS X & iOS.

    Should you want still more privacy & security – especially for online shopping, banking, etc. – I’d recommend that you investigate powerful online security tools such as Blur or Dashlane, which also work on OS X, iOS, & most other major platforms.

    Keep safe & keep smiling!

  • I might as well give up because I didn’t understand much of what you wrote. I’m not being cute, just honest. I think if they want to know everything, there isn’t much you can do about it.

  • I think you’re basically correct. The “safest” computer is the one you build and repair yourself, which is never connected to the internet. There is only so long that you can stay ahead of them using any particular method before they catch up. Adaption is not a one-time thing. For all you know your VPN vendor IS the gov’t. If anything, I wonder if we simplify things for them by using popular methods to mask our movements, particularly from financially compensated vendors. VPN has been around awhile and I would suspect to have been compromised long ago. If you’re using it and haven’t gotten caught, it could be they’re letting you build a case against yourself, or they’re just too busy with other things to mess with small fry. If you want to be anonymous on the internet, log onto someone else’s unsecured wifi router. Let trouble knock on their door.

  • And I don’t give a sheet. I would rather die than to live controlled and afraid. I left my country,Cuba, for that reason and now I feel like an American, no a Cuban American, if I felt like that wouldn’t have taken ka USA citizenship. God bless America, land of the free.

  • I don’t care, and will not take steps to avoid them, they are traitors and I spit on them. Retarded fools, that is what they are,

  • If you choose to live as a Luddite in a permanent tornado of inevitable technological innovation, you can for a while & then you’ll die of some avoidable problem you declined to learn about. Some would call that Social Darwinism, but whatever it’s called you’ll deserve whatever you get for refusal to protect yourself.

  • Please see my reply to Maria, above. It’s even more applicable to you that to her. Good luck.

  • We need to reduce the entire staff of the federal government to a number of people that can be fit into two of the portable classroom units that you can see on school campuses across the nation.

    The only acceptable exception is the military and those forces should be deployed entirely within the boundaries and coasts of the 50 States.

  • HAVE YOU RECENTLY NOTICED POLICE TYPE HELICOPTERS CIRCLING YOUR HOUSE and if you go outside maybe wave to you or point at you? Have you gon back into the house and found your computer temporarily disabled? Documents you know were on the computer, especially those dealing with politics missing?

    What’s next? a midnight knock on my door and a squad of National Security Police to arrest me? Shoot me on the spot? or ship me off with others rounded up to a FEMA camp?

  • Forget Big Brother – every item that I order from certain companies shows up on FB! Nothing personal, per se, but why does ordering sheets or stationery allow a corpo to access my FB via cookies? A snoop too far!

  • And how do we know you’re not the ‘gubmint’ Ed and that HSSELITE is not a code name for Echelon! (Probably not, but still…)

  • Please, gimme some credit for alerting people to what I use to protect my own systems & data, & rest assured I’m no gummint spy… especially for a gummint run by a bunch of treasonous islamo-nazi penis-heads!

  • I think you should hightail it to the nearest psychiatrists’s office, tell the shrink how you feel, & get a prescription of anti-psychotic meds to attenuate the symptoms of your paranoid schizophrenia.

  • Feelings have nothing to do with it. I’m not the paranoid one trying to hide my tracks. If you consider yourself hunted, spend some time in the mind of the hunter. ThWey certainly spend time trying to get in yours.

  • OK, people you know what to do – lots of spam and gibberish to clog their information collection. Come up with your own code that may or may not pass real information. Then when you really want to say something important to your friends – leave the Apple in the car or at home (or put it in a nice lead-shielded box), then talk to your friends face to face – watch for cameras or talk to your friend like coaches do on pitching mound visits. Or you can do like the spies and leave message drops – just like in the movies. At least make them work for that gleaning of your day to day, valuable-only-to-you chit- chat.

  • Your issue concerning your online purchases appearing on FB is one I’m unable to answer. Either the underlying technological problem exceeds my competence, or your online security has been compromised by some jerk who can access your online activity & post it wherever they like, including FB. If others can access your system (eg, family, friends, domestic help) those people would be the most likely suspects.

  • There’s no reason for me to consider myself hunted by anyone but islamo-nazi terrorists… just like other “unbelievers.”
    The thing is that whatever I do, I try to do it right. My principal reasons for interest in online security are twofold:
    (1) I hate getting ripped off, & thanks to my protective measures my systems & data have been 100% ripoff-free since I first became an internaut in 1986. However, I’ve had a couple of glitches with Amex France’s security, which cost me nothing, & had so many problems with Chase’s substandard security & inherent dishonesty (which also cost me nothing, but annoyed me immensely since Chase senior management is so incredibly stupid, hypocritical & indecisive) that I’ve already closed 3 accounts there & will soon cancel the 4th & last one.
    (2) Having worked internationally in IT & networks for nearly 40 years, I have a natural intellectual interest in IT & network security, especially as concerns corporations & government. As such, it would be hypocritical (& stupid) of me to overlook security of my own kit, & unkind of me to withhold info on cyber threats from family, friends or anyone else I encounter who seems to have excessive misapprehensions about security risks & the most suitable means to elude or defeat them.
    Insofar as “thinking like the hunter” is concerned, I care infinitely more about what the evil hunter is doing rather than what he’s thinking. If – in protecting my systems & data – I perceive an easy means to hurt the cybercriminal, of course I’ll use it without hesitation, but it makes no sense to go after a bad guy if he was unable to hack you & it would take a lot of time to burn his ass.
    That’s about the size of it in my eyes. On several occasions a few years ago, I took umbrage at the antics of cyber criminals who’d successfully penetrated Chase cyber security, tracked their IP addresses, & alerted both Chase & the police… who both did NOTHING. The police had no idea what to do. Chase didn’t bother either, because they knew they could compensate for their momentary loss by stealing enough from other customers to more than cover what they lost due to the security breach they had on my account.
    Bottom line: Protect your IT & network resources to the best of your ability, learn more about keeping safe, & NEVER open an account with the criminal syndicate called JPMorgan Chase.

  • A Luddites,philosophy is opposing all forms of modern technology. Apple is modern technology.

  • That is why I dropped FB a very long time ago. When they first dropped privacy rules to a minimum, that’s when I “saw the light” and cancelled my membership. I feel like I do not have to put my goings-on on display for everyone to see. I do not have a fancy-dancy phone either. Just a plain, old flip phone for talking and text, and it’s probably 10 years old, at the most. If NSA wants to track me, they can’t, like on a smartphone. I carry an el cheapo with me, if I go somewhere, and leave my phone at home. I do not order through Amazon, no PayPal, no nothing.

  • I suppose you’re alluding to an Apple machine or code rather than the fruit. I doubt that a Luddite would use a non-fruit Apple unless or until he/she was dying with desire to obtain a service for which an Apple something-or-other was absolutely necessary.

  • As I probably told you earlier, I simply prefer to keep my confidential info & other data secure & protected. Again, I have no interest in what cybercriminals think; I’m very interested in what they DO. I cut my teeth in the technical press on what the bad guys do to government & corporate systems & networks, find out how the problems got fixed, & then look for a way to replicate or emulate it for my own protection. If you’re even a little tech savvy, you should be able to do that too.

  • I never dignified that silly question with a reply, & still won’t. Though paranoia can be an advantage in negotiating business deals, I’m at a loss to see its niche in online fora.

  • intmimadation. The better get ready to open fema camps. The large majority of USA citizens no longer approve them, only feeble minded and fanatics can be followers of this Idiocracy system!

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