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Are The Feds Looking For An Excuse To Declare Martial Law?

Are The Feds Looking For An Excuse To Declare Martial Law?

Martial law is a real concern in this day and age with the amount of surveillance and interference with our private lives that is currently taking place. I mean, what would be the point of being able to track every one of us at all times if they weren’t planning on doing it?

If martial law is declared, we’ll be hard pressed by being forced live a life without enough food or other necessities, very much like the former Soviet Union.

Some are even concerned that urban military maneuvers, such as Jade Helm, are specifically for the purpose of provoking us to martial law. Dave Hodges says,

This [Jade Helm] is totally a provocative move on the part of the Obama administration… misusing our military in violation of the law. 

I believe Obama is trying to force a confrontation so that he has a pretext to declare martial law.

If we’re pushed towards martial law, you can believe that we’ll need all of our wits and resourcefulness to keep ourselves and our families alive and free outside of the government’s grasp.

Are you ready to disappear and survive in secrecy? You had better be. Tell us your thoughts below.

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