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Antifa Just Upped the Ante With a Chilling Attack

Antifa Just Upped the Ante With a Chilling Attack


Antifa members are finally being exposed for the violent thugs they are.

Donald Trump designated them a domestic terrorist group, and with good reason.

And Antifa just upped the ante with one chilling attack.

Either out of arrogance or ignorance, the so-called mainstream media have been running interference for Antifa.

Journalists at major news outlets have done the “deep” analysis of stressing that Antifa stands for “anti-fascist,” ergo they’re a benevolent group.

The truth is they’re radical communists who would tear the country asunder, and they’re happy to use violent tactics to do so.

Big media is always complaining about how the press is under attack in the Trump era, even though it isn’t true.

Barack Obama jailed and spied on journalists, but somehow Trump is the major threat to the Fourth Estate.

Trump’s only threat to the press is that he calls them out for what they are, and they expose themselves as fraudulent in response.

For example, the corporate press will imply their journalists live under threat, but they go completely silent when right-of-center news personalities like Tucker Carlson or Andy Ngo get threatened or beaten.

It just happened again, and the so-called mainstream media couldn’t care less.

Conservative journalist Cassandra Fairbanks, a one-time Bernie Sanders supporter who moved to the right, had her home attacked by violent Antifa thugs when she was there with her nine-year-old daughter.

Fairbanks said in a Twitter message, “People just showed up at my house where I’m alone with my nine year old daughter and fired gunshots and fireworks at my house. After my address was posted online while I was receiving hundreds of death threats for 3 days. I caught the tail end when I hung up on 911 bc they said they didn’t know when they could get here because of the protests.”

This is an incredibly dangerous escalation of political violence.

Not only has the left become more violent, they’ve become more militant in their ideological purity tests.

If you’re not in 100% lockstep with them on every issue, you’re an enemy.

For example, Tucker Carlson is a strong antiwar voice who counseled Trump on not going through with an attack on Iran that would’ve killed 150 people.

One would think the antiwar left would be happy, but many of them were indifferent or reflexively mad at Carlson.

Antifa can no longer be allowed to operate without consequences.

The damage they’re inflicting is not only physically catastrophic, but psychologically so.

Bad leftist ideas are becoming more and more mainstream each day.

The only way it stops is if these terrible ideas are finally repudiated.

The left does a terrible job of holding their ideological criminals to account.

Instead, they embrace them and turn them into heroes.

If the left won’t police itself—and they won’t—then it’s time for the FBI to get involved and break up this violent terrorist organization.

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