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Antifa Terrorized Citizens With One Shocking Attack

Antifa Terrorized Citizens With One Shocking Attack


Antifa has been allowed to run rampant across the country.

The extremist group is dangerously escalating its tactics.

Now Antifa terrorized citizens with one shocking attack.

Antifa was recently designated as a domestic terrorist organization and with good reason.

The “anti-fascists” have been engaging in blackshirt tactics for years in deeply progressive cities like Portland, but the radical movement has begun to take root in cities across the country.

The most recent example occurred in Washington, D.C. amid a “Million MAGA March” organized by Donald Trump supporters.

Trump supporters were beaten and harassed en masse across the city by Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists.

And Antifa members literally tossed firecrackers at Trump supporters while they tried to eat at a restaurant.

It’s not just attacks on Trump supporters though, people in the suburbs have begun to feel the wrath of these violent mobs.

The mayhem caused by the far left led to dozens of arrests in Washington, D.C.

From NBC News-4:

“D.C. police released new information Sunday on 21 people arrested amid protests and clashes Saturday over the presidential election results. After several thousand supporters of President Donald Trump protested the results and marched to the Supreme Court, nighttime clashes with counter demonstrators led to arrests, fistfights and at least one stabbing. At least five people face gun charges, two allegedly assaulted police officers and others were cited for aggravated assault, simple assault, disorderly conduct and property destruction, among other charges.”

One of the causes for increased attacks against Trump supporters is the rhetoric from the so-called mainstream media that’s been demonizing people on the right.

The press makes it sound noble to confront Trump supporters.

And it doesn’t help when major figures on the left call Trump supporters “deplorables,” “chumps,” and “bitter clingers.”

Meanwhile, the media mocks Trump supporters mercilessly.

They’ve written off 72 million Americans because they voted the “wrong” way and several Democrats have talked about compiling lists of Trump supporters and enablers.

For months, Democrats have pretended that Antifa doesn’t exist, and BLM rioters have been given unbelievable latitude to lash out in criminal behavior.

Part of Antifa’s game plan is to get people accustomed to low-level violence, then slowly escalate.

There’s no telling how far they’ll go if left unchecked.

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