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Antifa Terrorist Arrested Before He Could Do One Terrifying Thing

Antifa Terrorist Arrested Before He Could Do One Terrifying Thing


The country is still grappling with the ugly Capitol Hill riot.

But far-left extremists remain a serious threat to the United States.

Now one Antifa terrorist got arrested before he could do one terrifying thing.

The corporate press is entirely fixated on the storming of the Capitol that occurred on January 6th.

The horrific incident led to the widespread censorship of Donald Trump on every major social media platform.

Democrats are also using the attack as a pretext to silence Republicans and conservatives in general.

The Capitol Hill breach also allows Democrats to pretend like radical-left terrorists don’t actually exist.

But the FBI just arrested an Antifa terrorist planning an attack on the Florida Capitol in Tallahassee.

Far-left extremist Daniel Alan Baker was arrested after distributing a flier calling for armed conflict.

“Call to Arms January 20!! … This is an armed COUP and can only be stopped by an armed community! … If you’re afraid to die fighting the enemy, stay in bed and live … We need ALL FLORIDA RESIDENTS to RISE UP! … Here in Florida we must circle the terrorists who attack the Capitol! Let them take the capitol and fight with the cops. SURROUND THEM AND TRAP THEM INSIDE … We will protect Capitol RESIDENTS and CIVILIANS from armed racist mobs with EVERY CALIBER AVAILABLE.”

Baker posted videos and messages on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, yet none of those platforms have been essentially shut down like Parler was for being a right-leaning competitor to Twitter.

This is far from the first time radical leftists have planned or carried out an attack.

Last year, a left-wing radical drove his vehicle into a Republican registration tent in Jacksonville, Florida.

A Bernie Sanders supporter shot up a congressional softball game and nearly killed Steve Scalise.

The ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington was attacked by an Antifa terrorist intending to “liberate” the “concentration camp,” parroting the incendiary language used by the Democrats.

A radical leftist who described himself as “100% Antifa” and had a Black Lives Matter tattoo on his neck shot and killed a Trump supporter in cold blood on the streets of Portland.

In fact, Antifa terrorists have laid siege to Portland for months without interruption.

They firebombed a federal courthouse and attempted to burn national guardsmen alive.

Black Lives Matter roiled for months during the summer of 2020 and led to $2 billion in property damages and dozens dead.

All the while, the so-called mainstream media either ignored the mayhem, disregarded it as “mostly peaceful,” or flat-out encouraged it.

Kamala Harris said to protesters “don’t let up” and her staff contributed to bail funds for rioters in Minneapolis.

The violence at Capitol Hill was inexcusable, but Democrats need to share in the blame for not condemning left-wing violence and allowing it to fester.

Republicans and conservatives have been decrying political violence for months – the Democrats waited until it was politically useful.

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