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Antifa Issued One Threat That All Americans Need To See

Antifa Issued One Threat That All Americans Need To See


Antifa terrorists have been causing havoc for years.

Democrats and their friends in the corporate press have either ignored, excused, or endorsed their mob tactics.

But Antifa issued one threat that all Americans need to see.

Democrats are attempting to use the disgraceful Capitol Hill riots to smear all Republicans and conservatives.

However, they said hardly anything when Antifa terrorists and Black Lives Matter extremists were destroying cities for months.

During a debate, Joe Biden described the Antifa movement as nothing more than “an idea” and Congressman Jerry Nadler called them a “myth” during an impromptu interview.

But the very real destruction committed by Antifa radicals has become too grave to ignore.

Antifa members have literally executed people in the streets and now they have a message for the Democrats: “We are ungovernable.”

Antifa thugs attacked Democratic offices in Portland and made it known they will not bend the knee to the Biden administration.

People on the right—and even the left—have tried to warn that Antifa isn’t simply “anti-fascist” just because that’s what they call themselves.

Antifa is a group comprised mostly of revolutionary neo-communists that march under the hammer and sickle banner.

Antifa extremists often say things like “liberals get the bullet, too.”

For years, Democrats have defended this group despite warnings that they were authoritarian radicals intent on tearing down the United States through violence and chaos.

Meanwhile, left-wing activists at CNN and other so-called mainstream media outlets compared them to the American soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day.

The problem is that many Democrat politicians and journalists agree ideologically with Antifa.

New York Times writer Nikole Hannah-Jones was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for her ahistorical, anti-American screed, the 1619 Project.

When a significant chunk of the party finds kinship with Antifa, a problem is afoot.

Antifa’s declaration of war against the Biden administration should finally give feckless Democrat leaders like Portland’s mayor Ted Wheeler the guts to enforce the law for once.

But after months of carnage, dozens dead, and $2 billion in property damage, it may be too little, too late.

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