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Antifa Did Something To Trump Supporters That Will Turn Your Stomach

Antifa Did Something To Trump Supporters That Will Turn Your Stomach


Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists have been allowed to run amok for months.

Citizens simply minding their business have been beaten and berated by these left-wing extremists for no reason.

Now Antifa did something to Trump supporters that will turn your stomach.

Antifa radicals have been running roughshod for years in deep blue areas, particularly in Portland.

But ever since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, they’ve begun operating in more locations and are joined by extreme elements of Black Lives Matter.

The twin radical groups are both deeply rooted in Marxist ideology and have attacked citizens, assaulted journalists, vandalized buildings, and harassed restaurant patrons.

And they took their extremism to the next level by attacking Trump supporters attending a MAGA rally in Washington, D.C.

There are countless videos of Trump supporters being hectored and even sucker-punched.

Families with young kids were even accosted.

The so-called mainstream media have largely ignored the violence.

They repeat the mantra of “mostly peaceful” protests and implore that viewers don’t trust their lying eyes.

During the first presidential debate, Joe Biden called Antifa an “idea” and Congressman Jerry Nadler recently called them a “myth.”

Previously, the Democrats and their media allies treated Antifa as heroic anti-fascists until they had to distance themselves from the group’s violence and mayhem.

An Antifa goon literally executed a Trump supporter on the streets of Portland.

Black Lives Matter extremists are equally dangerous because their brand has been made acceptable by the corporate press and mainstream institutions.

Democrats have been hypnotized into thinking that the group’s agenda is summarized in its slogan.

But the co-founders of Black Lives Matter are admitted “trained Marxists” who want to dismantle the nuclear family, capitalism, and America itself.

This radical strain of the left is gaining ascendancy and it’s showing the real-world consequences.

The instances of people wearing Trump paraphernalia and getting assaulted are too numerous to count.

And because these groups also feed into cancel culture, people are often afraid to speak out for fear of being doxxed and assaulted by the mob.

Radical leftists have literally gone to the homes of journalists as well as private citizens.

Democrat mayors need to grow a spine and stop the extremists from running the streets.

After Antifa radicals took over several downtown city blocks in Seattle, Mayor Jenny Durkan likened it to a block party and said it could be another “Summer of Love.”

The “block party” ended in death and destruction.

Democrats need to stop demonizing the police and start demonizing the radical parts of their own flanks.

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