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Antifa Carried Out One Attack That Will Enrage You

Antifa Carried Out One Attack That Will Enrage You


The radical left is becoming increasingly violent.

The extremist group Antifa has been allowed to run amok for years in several Democrat cities.

Now Antifa carried out an attack that will enrage you.

The Trump administration recently designated Antifa a terrorist group, and they’re showing the country why they’ve earned that designation.

Portland has become ground zero for Antifa terrorism as they’ve engaged in violence for years.

But the mayhem escalated in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Antifa radicals have rioted in Portland for over two months along with Black Lives Matter, which have both been equally violent.

After 39 days of continuous rioting, Donald Trump finally sent in federal agents to protect a federal courthouse under siege from the mob.

But instead of reporting on the incident accurately, the so-called “mainstream media” characterized Trump’s move as a fascist occupation.

The press essentially sanctioned far-left violence despite rioting, looting, vandalism, and even murder.

A recent study showed that less than 1% of corporate press coverage has reported on the violent aspects of the protests.

In light of big media’s complicity in the violence, independent journalists have had topick up the slack.

Last year, Portland-based journalist Andy Ngo was beaten by an Antifa mob for reporting on the group.

Now Andrew Duncomb, a black Trump supporter, was stabbedby an Antifa thug whiletrying to record footage on the ground.

Duncomb and his associates had been followed by an Antifa member for several blocks at 2:30 in the morning.

Duncomb finally confronted the man, 43-year-old Blake Hampe, who then stabbed Duncomb in the back just missing his vertebrae.

Duncomb said of the incident, “I was stabbed for being a conservative journalist…My main goal was to show that it wasn’t just the feds creating the problems.”

They left claims to advocate for minorities, women, homosexuals, and other “marginalized” groups…unless they’re right-of-center.

And Portland isn’t the only Democrat-led city completely out of control.

Far-left extremists took over six downtown city blocks in Seattle and declared it an autonomous zone. Meanwhile the mayor shrugged her shoulders and called it a “Summer of Love.”

After at least two murders and one rape, Mayor Jenny Durkan finally pulled the plug on the communist utopia.

The American people need to know the truth about what’s coming—or what’s already happening—in their cities.

The farleft isn’t going to stop and establishment liberals don’t seem interested in stopping them either.

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