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Another Deadly Pandemic Could Be Coming From One American Enemy

Another Deadly Pandemic Could Be Coming From One American Enemy

Pandemic (Swine Flu)

The Wuhan virus has done irreparable damage to the global economy.

The American way of life has particularly been hit hard due to fear of the outbreak.

And another deadly pandemic could be coming from one American enemy.

Over half a million people worldwide have died as a result of the coronavirus, with over 130,000 in the United States.

In addition to the harrowing loss of life, the world economy has taken a massive hit.

The United States alone has seen 40 million people unemployed, thousands of businesses shuttered, and trillions of dollars in lost money.

The Chinese Communist Party has engaged in a massive campaign to deflect blame from themselves, but leaked memos show they knew about the virus nearly a week before alerting the public.

Arkansas senator Tom Cotton raised concerns about the virus potentially coming from a lab in Wuhan but was immediately derided by the so-called mainstream media.

However, even the New York Times and Washington Post were forced to admit that the possibility of a lab breach was at the very least plausible.

Meanwhile, Cotton still waits for his apology from the press.

But now that the Wuhan virus has diminished significantly in terms of lethality, the U.S. and the rest of the world should not underestimate the threat of another pandemic coming from China.

According to a BBC report:

“A new strain of flu that has the potential to become a pandemic has been identified in China by scientists. It emerged recently and is carried by pigs, but can infect humans, they say. The researchers are concerned that it could mutate further so that it can spread easily from person to person, and trigger a global outbreak.”

China has been a hotbed of infectious disease for years.

The Swine Flu pandemic of 2009 originated in China, as did SARS in 2003, which had a nightmarish mortality rate of 10%.

The BBC report continued:

“While it is not an immediate problem, they say, it has ‘all the hallmarks’ of being highly adapted to infect humans and needs close monitoring. As it’s new, people could have little or no immunity to the virus.”

Unfortunately, the CCP only cares about remaining in power and suppressing any information that makes them look bad.

The CCP tried to cover up a 2011 train crash in Wenzhou that killed 40 people, so lying about a viral outbreak is small potatoes.

The wet market where the Wuhan virus allegedly originated is already back open for business.

There is no willingness from the CCP to shut them down.

These are just some of the reasons why America needs to pull manufacturing from China.

It’s dangerous to have critical supply chains beholden to the whim of a corrupt authoritarian government.

Trade with China has obvious economic benefits, but it’s foolish to rely entirely on a bellicose foreign power for essential goods.

The Wuhan virus has been a disaster for America, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be the last outbreak threat.

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