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Andrew Cuomo Had An Unbelievable Response To COVID Vaccine Announcement

Andrew Cuomo Had An Unbelievable Response To COVID Vaccine Announcement

Andrew Cuomo

The Wuhan virus continues to be used as a cudgel to beat the American people into submission.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo is one of the worst abusers of virus lockdowns.

Now Cuomo had an unbelievable response to a COVID vaccine announcement.

Merely a couple days after Joe Biden was deemed president-elect—although voter irregularities could swing the election back toward Donald Trump—pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced they had developed a COVID-19 vaccine that was 90% effective.

The timing is dubious to say the least – now that Biden is poised to be in the White House, good news about the virus is suddenly pouring in.

When Trump announced that a vaccine was close to being ready due to the diligence of Operation Warp Speed, Democrats and their media allies tut-tutted the news.

Biden and Kamala Harris even said they would not take a vaccine if it were developed during the Trump administration, but now the corporate press is cheering the arrival of the vaccine.

And New York governor Andrew Cuomo shockingly said that he was disappointed that the vaccine will be released on Trump’s watch.

Cuomo actually said he might “stop” the distribution of the vaccine until Biden takes the reins of power.

And going through government has never been as efficient as going through the private sector – furthermore, his assertion that people in poor communities won’t have access to the vaccine is ridiculous.

The Democrats spent eight years portraying Trump as the ultimate villain in American politics.

But it was Cuomo and other governors who thanked Trump for providing them all of the equipment they needed.

The so-called mainstream media are working overtime to portray Biden as the bringer of light.

Cuomo is looking to position himself as the great savior after he badly botched the COVID-19 response in his state.

Cuomo had the gall to write a book about how well he handled the virus despite having one of the worst fatality rates in the entire world.

Cuomo could’ve quarantined the most vulnerable in nursing homes, like Governor Ron DeSantis did in Florida, but instead he forced COVID patients back into facilities and thousands of deaths resulted.

Worse yet, Cuomo even suppressed a report that would’ve exposed just how many people died in nursing homes due to his mistake.

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