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One American Enemy Had a Spy Do Something Terrifying

One American Enemy Had a Spy Do Something Terrifying


America’s enemies are getting bolder by the minute.

And they’ve already infiltrated the country’s borders.

Now one American enemy had a spy do something terrifying.

There’s no question that China is America’s greatest geopolitical threat.

Russia, North Korea, Iran, and other nations pose complex threats in different ways, but China is the true danger.

China has designs on becoming the world’s hegemon, and they have no qualms about trampling freedoms to do so.

Since the Maoist revolution of 1949, the Communist Party has ruled China with a frightening degree of authoritarianism.

The country has gone from publicly executing citizens during “struggle sessions” to interning religious practitioners in present day among many other human rights abuses.

The Chinese government is a totalitarian nightmare, and they also have Chinese nationals in America spying on their behalf.

Zaosong Zheng, a Chinese citizen studying at Harvard on a student visa, was arrested at Boston Logan International Airport for attempting to smuggle 21 vials of cancer research out of the country.

According to FBI Special Agent Kara Spice, the Chinese government “uses postgraduate students and post-graduate researchers and professionals in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to obtain and often steal intellectual property from the U.S.”

Zheng was receiving $2,000 per month from the Chinese Scholarship Council, which is funded by the Chinese government.

China has been stealing intellectual property for years, and this is yet another escalation in their efforts.

Through intellectual property theft and trade imbalances, China has pilfered untold billions from the United States.

That’s a big reason why Donald Trump felt it necessary to engage in a trade war with China in order to get them to lower their tariffs and trade fairly.

Thus far, Trump’s gambit has worked as Chinese president Xi Jinping has agreed to a first-step trade agreement to ease tensions of an imminent economic collapse.

The episode at Harvard shows the boldness of the Communist Party of China.

Many universities around the country have shuttered their Confucius Cultural Centers amid reports that they’re nothing more than propaganda tools for China and hubs for the government to spy on Chinese nationals studying in America for fear that they might defect.

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The Department of Defense said schools can no longer receive federal monies for their Confucius Centers, which is a big step in naming the problem, which is the first step in combating it.

China has also been caught embedding spies into American politics.

Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein of California employed a Chinese spy as her driver for years.

In New York City, Democrat John Liu ran for Mayor of New York in 2013, but it later came out that he had ties to the Communist Party of China.

China has its sights set on the United States, and they’re getting help from leftists within the country that are itching to see America fail.

The people of Hong Kong are experiencing first-hand what happens when mainland China gets control.

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