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An American Enemy Is Telling a Huge Lie About One Pandemic

An American Enemy Is Telling a Huge Lie About One Pandemic

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A deadly outbreak is on the loose.

Thousands of cases are popping up around the globe.

And one American enemy is telling a huge lie about the pandemic.

The coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China is rampaging through the country.

Chinese officials have confirmed over 20,000 cases of the coronavirus and over 400 deaths.

However, China is telling a huge lie about the coronavirus.

Gordon Chang, an expert on China, appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and explained that China is being dishonest about the breadth of the outbreak.

Chang said, “Local Chinese authorities have just lost the ability to pick up corpses due to a breakdown in government…So really what we are having right now is, they are completely overwhelmed.”

China is more concerned with keeping up appearances, so they’re not being truthful about the coronavirus.

The 20,000 cases and 425 deaths could be significantly higher.

Chang continued, “They are not able to keep accurate statistics. So what we are witnessing is essentially a breakdown in government and keeping accurate statistics is a very minor part of their priorities right now.”

China issued a quarantine on several cities, including Wuhan where the coronavirus originated.

However, the mayor of Wuhan said roughly five million people left the city before the quarantine, so it’s unclear how much it has spread.

Carriers can be asymptomatic, which means there could’ve been many seemingly healthy people who were infected who slipped underneath the quarantine.

Chang also pointed out that some infected people are not allowed to leave their house and go to the hospital because of the quarantine, so people are simply dying in their homes.

The Chinese government also deployed drones to drop chemicals over the quarantine zones.

People on the ground in the quarantine areas say the cities feel like the zombie apocalypse has begun.

Even worse, the coronavirus has spread to many countries across Asia, and there have been 11 confirmed cases in the United States.

Japan even had to quarantine an entire cruise ship due to the coronavirus.

The coronavirus can lead to serious illnesses such as SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), which has a fatality rate of 10%.

The coronavirus mirrors flu-like symptoms, although it has a much higher fatality rate of 2-4%.

The full epidemiology of the outbreak is unclear, and China is being cagey about the virus.

However, the fact that it’s airborne and can be transmitted by asymptomatic people suggests that it’s incredibly dangerous and can spread quickly.

A SARS breakout in the early aughts killed nearly 800 people.

Despite having a lower fatality rate, the coronavirus is racking up a fast death total and spreading more widely.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a travel advisory for people in the United States, so health officials around the globe are on high alert.

It’s going to take a long time to untangle all of the lies being propagated about the coronavirus.

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