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One American Enemy Just Issued A Big Threat

One American Enemy Just Issued A Big Threat


The United States is entangled in serious geopolitical battles.

The Obama administration systematically weakened America’s might in terms of foreign policy.

And as a result, one American enemy just boldly issued a big threat.

China represents a serious geopolitical threat for the United States.

The communist country has designs on being the world’s number one super-power, and on the 70th anniversary of China’s communist party, the country unveiled new weapons to flex their military might.

They showcased their “doomsday weapon,” a missile which allegedly can hit any U.S. target within 30 minutes and deploy 10 warheads.

China also revealed a supersonic missile which can supposedly travel five times the speed of sound, the first of its kind.

Leader of the communist party Xi Jinping, who essentially declared himself president for life, said, “No force can shake the status of our great motherland, and no force can stop the progress of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation.”

China has the stated goal of being the preeminent military power around the world and has increased military spending by 83% since 2009.

They mean business, and they’re attacking America in far more ways than one.

Donald Trump’s trade war with China is an attempt to reset the terrible deals that have plagued the U.S.

China racks up huge trade surpluses due to imbalance in the tariff rates.

China also steals intellectual property.

This tariff policy and intellectual property theft have provided the Chinese government with obscene amounts of money.

And that money is being put to bad use.

China has also come up with new and creative ways to spy on their own citizens.

They already have a nightmarish social credit system scoring system in place, which can restrict citizens freedoms and access within the country.

China also rolled a new camera that has the capability of spying on many people in large crowds.

Google – whose “Don’t be evil” credo has seemingly gone by the wayside – helped China implement their social credit system.

Google is also designing smart cities that have built-in surveillance mechanisms.

China opened many Confucius Cultural Centers around the U.S. with the stated goal of cultural exchange.

However, little did people know that these centers were simply spy apparatuses and propaganda tools for communist China.

Several of them are closing down now that the purpose of them has been exposed.

China’s belligerence is growing in more ways than one.

They need to be understood as a threat on multiple fronts.

All of these concerns don’t even touch on the fact that China is working on an EMP attack, which could cause life-altering damage to an entire city or region.

In the 1970s, China’s communist economy was flailing, as those economies always do.

But President Richard Nixon opened up China to the international trade community, thinking they would moderate their communist beliefs.

While the markets have gotten somewhat freer in China, the people have not.

What China is doing to the Hong Kong protesters must serve as a dire warning to everyone who isn’t taking China seriously enough.

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