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One American City Has Finally Descended Into Complete Chaos

One American City Has Finally Descended Into Complete Chaos


Protests over the murder of George Floyd still continue in several major cities.

The peaceful protests tragically turned into rioting and looting in the blink of an eye.

But one American city has descended into complete anarchy.

Democrats and the so-called mainstream media have let their masks slip and are showing their true colors.

Most of their media coverage of the rioting and looting has been suppressed – or outright encouraged – yet when people peacefully protested the draconian coronavirus lockdowns, they were mocked and ridiculed.

One Seattle police officer was suspended for speaking out against the unconstitutional orders given to police by petty tyrant Democrat mayors and governors.

However, Seattle has now descended into total chaos and the mayor is completely onboard.

Unhinged leftists took over six blocks of downtown Seattle and renamed it the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) after the city’s police chief was given stand down orders from Mayor Jenny Durkan and told to abandon a precinct in the area.

The leftists are attempting to build an anarcho-communist state and it’s already a giant fail.

Instantly, CHAZ established borders and enlisted men with guns to guard the perimeter.

They also frisked people coming into the zone.

These are the same people who want to defund ICE and believe that borders are “racist.”

But it took them no time at all to adopt Donald Trump’s doctrine because it turns out that reality is a pesky thing.

Also, the people of CHAZ seized land from those who were already living there – which is the cardinal sin of America according to communist historian Howard Zinn and his generations of acolytes.

The police chief also said that 911’s response time in the area has tripled because it’s difficult for police and EMTs to get in and out of CHAZ.

The creation of CHAZ was built on the “defund the police” movement that’s gaining steam on the left, but there are already pseudo-police forces within the area and allegedly businesses trapped inside of CHAZ have been extorted.

Meanwhile, the press has been nothing but fawning over CHAZ.

Mayor Durkan compared it to a music festival.

However, one distinction between a music festival and CHAZ is that music festivals end and are sanctioned by locals.

The people running CHAZ want it to continue and have a list of demands, including the resignation of Mayor Durkan, which is further proof that no matter how “woke” you are, the mob will eventually come for you.

This is what a city of anarchy looks like. Rule of law is breaking down and what follows will not be pretty.

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