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America Just Got Some Terrifying News About The Coronavirus

America Just Got Some Terrifying News About The Coronavirus


The coronavirus continues to baffle world health officials.

The pandemic has spread all over the globe with no apparent downturn in sight.

And now America just got some terrifying news about the coronavirus.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases is approaching 110,000 with the death toll surpassing 3,800.

The virus has officially been labeled a pandemic since it’s spread across multiple continents.

What originated in Wuhan, China is now infecting pockets all over the globe.

But America just got some concerning news about the coronavirus.

Several states including California, New York, Florida, and Oregon have issued a state of emergency.

The number of cases in the United States has quickly ballooned to 512 and growing.

The death toll has also crept up to 21, although many were linked to a nursing home in Washington State.

However, fears over the spread of the virus is beginning to affect people’s daily lives.

For example, the annual South By Southwest film, music, and tech festival that takes place in Austin, Texas has been canceled.

There have also been instances of people fighting over supplies such as toilet paper.*

In the case of this pandemic, it will likely get worse before it gets better.

One professor of epidemiology at Harvard predicts the virus could infect up to 70% of the globe.

Although that number is frightening, the comforting news is that the mortality rate is relatively low and symptoms could be mild enough that the overwhelming majority of people won’t even know they have it.

However, the mortality rate is fluctuating because some countries have been cagey about the virus’s statistics.

China and Iran have been particularly dishonest about the spread of the coronavirus in their respective countries.

The latest estimates put the mortality rate around 1-3%, but that range could be projected up or down.

The most troubling aspect of the outbreak is that world health officials don’t know enough about its origins. China has not been forthright and the initial story that the virus originated from bat soup at a seafood market is quickly losing credibility.

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton never bought that story and wondered if the virus actually originated in the level-four biohazard lab right across the street from the seafood market.

Outlets like The New York Times and The Washington Post accused Cotton of spreading a “debunked” rumor, but researchers and scientists are beginning to suspect the coronavirus was man-made.

Regardless, don’t be one of the people reduced to fighting over toilet paper.

Make sure you have your supplies in order now, because a quarantine is already taking place in Europe and it could be happening here soon too.

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