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America Just Got A Big Win In The Ongoing Border Crisis

America Just Got A Big Win In The Ongoing Border Crisis


Problems at the southern border continue apace.

Issues in Central America and Mexico are still spilling into the United States.

But America just got a big win in this ongoing border crisis.

According to Customs and Border Protection, the number of law enforcement engagements in December dropped 5% from the numbers in November.

The decline marks the seventh consecutive month that enforcement actions have decreased, adding up to a 72% drop since peak crisis in May.

Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan said, “This seven month decline is a direct result of President Trump’s network of policy initiatives and our ability to effectively enforce the law, enhance our border security posture and properly care for those in custody.”

The Trump administration has enacted several policies to quell the problem of illegal immigration into the United States.

In September, he stopped the policy of catch and release, which released asylum seekers into the United States while they awaited their asylum hearing.

Over 90% of asylum claims are bogus and get rejected as such, so many of the immigrants released into the U.S. never appear for their court date because they know they’ll get sent back to their country of origin.

This failed policy has contributed to a huge surge of illegal aliens over the decades.

Ending the absurd policy of catch and release has helped with the decline.

Also, Trump put economic pressure on Mexico to aid in the crisis, which led to the Mexican government agreeing to temporarily house asylum seekers from Central America and better secure the border against illegal crossings.

Economic pressure on Central American countries yielded a similar result with regard to asylum seekers.

The Trump administration has also done a good job of signaling to would-be illegal border crossers that the corrupt business-as-usual policies of the past are gone.

However, the problem has not been solved entirely.

Though these gains are positive, CBP still reported over 40,000 enforcement actions for December.

That includes over 33,000 apprehensions of illegal crossers, which means there are still a heavy number of people attempting to enter the country.

Illegal immigration and refugee resettlement has become big business for interested parties on both sides of the border.

Mexican drug cartels and coyotes profit on taxiing people and contraband into America, and globalists are funding open borders advocacy groups who are organizing and aiding caravans into the country.

Also, some governors are pushing for refugees to be brought into their cities because their states will receive more federal money.

Leftist politicians want sanctuary cities and states because illegal immigration yields them more voters.

Unfettered immigration is an issue that the American people constantly vote against, yet it continues to happen.

Until the U.S. fortifies the southern border with a barrier that deters illegal crossings and has a Congress that’s willing to do what their voters ask for, the border crisis will continue.

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