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A Scary, Real World Example Of Why You Need To Prepare For When The SHTF

A Scary, Real World Example Of Why You Need To Prepare For When The SHTF

People accuse preppers of being panic stricken people, focused on the negative, and prone to exaggeration. Like all groups of people there are certainly some preppers who fit negative stereotypes. But the vast majority of people who are interested in prepping are simply realists who have studied history and deal with reality.

Stop for just a moment and think about the current election in America. Bernie Sanders, an open socialist, has come on surprisingly strong against Hillary to vie for the Democratic Party nomination for President. Couple that with people pushing for increasing the minimum wage to the point where they are pricing themselves out of jobs, as is essentially happening at 6,000 Wendy’s restaurants at the time of this writing, and you have a serious strong push towards an economic policy (socialism) that could seriously have devastating consequences in the United States.

And the impact of that kind of system is known. Take Venezuela. This country has

“…more oil than Saudi Arabia, and the government has stolen all the money and now they bottleneck peaceful protesters and threaten them with bombs (or haul them to prison and torture them).”

The situation has gotten desperate. Zero Hedge notes,

“Over the last two weeks, several provinces have hosted scenes of looting in pharmacies, shopping malls, supermarkets, and food delivery trucks. In several markets, shouts of “we are hungry!” echoed. On April 27, the Venezuelan Chamber of Food (Cavidea) reported that the country’s food producers only had 15 days left of inventory.

“PanamPost adds that lootings are becoming an increasingly common occurrence in Venezuela, as the country’s food shortage resulted in yet another reported incident of violence in a supermarket — this time in the Luvebras Automarket located in the La Florida Province of Caracas.”

Don’t get too excited about our prospects as compared to Venezuela. Some reports indicate that grocery stores in the U.S. only have a few days worth of inventory if they are unable to receive new shipments. That is the place from which most Americans get their food. If they run out of food, most folks won’t have any idea how to feed their families, and, if those people get wind of the food on the shelves running out, whether because of natural disaster or because socialism means there is no money to pay to have it shipped to your store, then Venezuela-style riots seem likely.

Our recommendation? Get prepared now. Prepare for SHTF. Start homesteading and growing your own food. Be ready. The worst that can happen is you that you learn skills that you don’t end up absolutely needing. The best that can happen is that you save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Why did you become a prepper? Tell us below.

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