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8 Steps to Maximize Food Production in Minimum Space

8 Steps to Maximize Food Production in Minimum Space

In a crisis situation, food becomes of paramount importance. No surprise there, but many people don’t think in terms of preparing for a longer term survival situation. Because they focus on surviving the immediate SHTF situation, preppers can be in danger of not making long-term plans to weather out a crisis and of making a livable situation, especially when available land space may be limited, such as a more urban environment.

With that in mind, here are 8 steps and concepts to study and use to maximize the crop yield of whatever available space that you have.

  1. Deep soil preparation
  2. Composting
  3. Intensive planting
  4. Companion planting
  5. Carbon farming
  6. Calorie farming
  7. Use of open-pollinated seeds
  8. Whole system method

You will get more detail about how to use these concepts at this link. You’ll also find a list of the variety of benefits of using these concepts such as lowered use of precious water supplies and a reduced dependence on chemical fertilizers which may not be available in a crisis.

Have any tips and trips for gardening in a long-term crisis? Share them below.



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