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These 7 Little-Known Objects Are Vital In Any Disaster Scenario

These 7 Little-Known Objects Are Vital In Any Disaster Scenario

Emergency Prep Kit

Too often, these seven items are being left out of emergency preparation kits.

Americans aren’t thinking past the basics and even some intentional preppers are forgetting these life-saving tools.

But they’re light, small, and will get you out of a pinch during any public emergency, natural disaster, or even something far worse.

The thing is, almost every single American has suffered through a natural or man-made disaster of some sort, yet few plan for it.

If you’re one of those folks, you shouldn’t go to bed tonight without preparing a kit!

And for professional preppers, don’t forget these vital but often-forgotten items that you’ll need if things go south.

Whether people are simply forgetting their value, or just failing to realize how a little creativity can fit these items into their kit, these are the seven absolutely vital emergency preparedness items that most folks are leaving at home.

Solar Lanterns/Chargers

A reliable light source is too-often overlooked as a piece of lifesaving equipment. Disaster doesn’t wait until it’s convenient to strike and it certainly doesn’t limit destruction to daylight hours. Unless you’re trapped indoors (and sometimes even then), you’ll always have access to sunlight. Just don’t forget to charge your solar lantern before you pack it in your kit so that when the time comes, you won’t be caught with a dead battery!

Disposable Baby Wipes

Hygiene is vital toward preserving your health and welfare, but items to replace clean water and towels are left out of emergency kits all the time. Access to clean water, towels, toilet paper, washcloths, etc. are hard to come by in any disaster. Don’t allow yourself to suffer or risk disease by failing to keep yourself clean. You can find sealable baby wipe containers at Walmart, Target, or Dollar General.

4-Way Sillcock Key

Access to clean water is the most critical concern for any disaster survivor, and this tool may be the easiest way to get it. A sillcock key, also called a 4-way key, opens restricted water spigots. You’ll find these useful at rest stops, restaurants, malls, and other large buildings with public access. No larger than your palm, these tools carry their weight in gold and can fit into almost any prep kit.

Duct Tape

Most preppers know the usefulness of duct tape, but few are creative enough to fit a roll into their kit or bug-out bag. But the utility of duct tape is too important to leave behind. Not only can duct tape be used for hundreds of repairs, but it’s a key part of any medical kit as well.  If you can’t fit a full roll of duct tape into your emergency kit, you can easily wrap the roll around a canteen, water bottles, or essentially any other round object. Most brands of duct tape can even be wrapped onto themselves! Wrapping a few items several times around keeps some duct tape close in every part of your kit.

Ziplock Freezer Bags

Not only are they small and light, but the utility of sealable freezer bags expands far beyond just keeping your sandwich ready for a lunch break. Yes, they help keep food fresh, but they’re also an instant water-proof solution for electronics, medical supplies, small valuables, and important documents. With some brands you can even use a phone or other touchscreen device through the bag, making a flexible waterproof case.

Waterproof Maps

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Knowledge of shelters, high ground, water sources, and natural barriers are all important information if a disaster forces you to travel away from home. You may have this memorized for your neighborhood, but what about your town? City? Or state? There’s no telling how long a disaster will last or how far from home you may be forced to go. And under the stress of an emergency, you’re better off referencing a printed map than trying to jog your flustered mind or hoping the internet holds out long enough to find a route to safety.

If you can’t find a waterproof map, you can always laminate paper maps with laminate sheets available from any office store.

Screw Drivers

A screwdriver probably won’t save your life on its own, but it can help repair your equipment, vehicle, or furniture, and can grant access to buildings or supplies. Investing in a magnetic screwdriver with interchangeable Phillips and flatheads in different sizes will save you on space in your emergency kit.

Remember, these items are in addition to any basic emergency preparation kit or bug-out bag. They can greatly enhance your comfort and ability to survive, but the greatest asset of all is your brain.

Make a good plan to survive a variety of emergency situations and ensure everyone in your family knows the plan, knows where your kit is and knows how to use each item you’ve packed.

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