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5 Easy, Low-Cost Root Cellar Options

5 Easy, Low-Cost Root Cellar Options

As you live more free from dependence on modern “conveniences” and prepare to provide and care for your family in a survival situation, you may have wondered how to keep the produce that you’ve grown fresh for eating in off-season months.

One way that our ancestors commonly used is a root cellar.

Basically a root cellar is a “cool, ventilated, humid and dark space to store fresh food,” and, fortunately, you don’t have to have a degree in structural engineering to make your own root cellar.

Many people choose to use a section of their basement or crawl space under their house for their root cellar. Ideally, this space would be away from heat-generating appliances and devices such as furnaces and hot water heaters. Also, the ideal root cellar conditions include a dirt floor, though concrete can work.

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Interesting, low-cost options for a root cellar include both using an old refrigerator and a metal garbage can. You can find out more about these two options and the other three low-cost, easy-to-make options here.

Take the time to consider setting up a root cellar, and tell us your favorite root cellar options below.

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